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4 Places Where Boxing is Rising in Popularity

Boxing has always been a popular sport across the globe, however, there are a few places where boxing is rising in popularity. Alongside Ireland, these countries have a great deal of history with the sport. With several bodies representing the world of boxing, it is being recognised alongside other sports such as football, baseball and rugby. The big fights that command TV time also draw huge crowds time and time again.

Its popularity has seen more people placing wagers on their favourites, and betting sites offer people the chance to put money on a host of national and international fights. So where is the sport most popular in 2020? Take a look below to find out.


Although there have been some reports that say the popularity of boxing is on the decline in the US, it is still a huge sporting event that sees people flock to fights all over the country. The country is home to some of the sports most famous boxers including Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali. These legends set the world stage for the US, and they have several world titles including heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. 

It’s not just the sporting arena that boxing has impacted either. The movie world has based tons of films around sporting achievements and boxing greats. The strength and courage of these fighters always resonate with people, and they’ve proved hits at the box office time and time again. 


As the birthplace of boxing, its no wonder the sport is ever popular here. Major arenas and events sell out quickly, and famous bouts between the USA and UK fighters are a significant draw to the live events. The UK is a big contender on the world stage too, and sporting stars such as Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury often pull big crowds due to previous rivalries. 


Football is often said to be the country’s most popular sport. However, boxing is way up there too. Mexico first saw boxing in the late 19th century where sailors would fight for money. Moving in the early 1900s, boxing became a legitimate sport and the country set up its first commission. Today, the sport is still as popular as its heyday back in the 80s and has seen numerous champions in several weight classes. 


Often known for its martial arts and sumo, boxing is a popular western sport that has recently taken Japan by storm. Although boxing here is usually undertaken in the lower weight classes, it has still produced several top fighters. Audiences here enjoy the buzz of fights, and more events are starting to be shown on major TV channels in the country. Japan has also had several successful fights during the Olympics, including medals in Flyweight and Bantamweight classes. 

Boxing is still a prevalent sport that is gaining popularity across the globe. Some of the world’s biggest cities including Abu Dhabi, New York, Moscow and London hold fights drawing millions of people to the seats and screens, and this isn’t set to slow down anytime soon!


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