Trash Talking Taylor – Katie destroys Serrano and Persoon

Boxing has changed as we come out of lockdown and so, it seems, has Katie Taylor.

The 19-time major amateur medallist and five-time pro world champion has never traded on her ability to trash talk, instead letting her performances in the ring do the talking.

However, now under constant verbal assault in the pros, Taylor has shown that she is more than able to destroy her opponents with words as well as punches.

In footage released on the Sky Sports social accounts yesterday evening, Taylor [15(6)-0] took aim at her two biggest rivals.

First up was Delfine Persoon [44(18)-2(1)], who has repeatedly irked Taylor in the aftermath of their infamous New York clash last summer.

In a fairly transparent ploy to have Taylor fight her fight, the big Belgian has been accusing the Irish Olympic gold medallist of ‘running’.

While what will happen in the ring remains to be seen, Taylor refused to rise to the bait and noted how “it’s called boxing.”

“I think she’s the type of fighter that probably would say about Floyd Mayweather that he runs as well but Floyd Mayweather in fact is the greatest fighter of our generation. It’s called the Sweet Science.”

Twisting the knife, Taylor then ridiculed Persoon for her loss to unknown Greek youngster Nikoleta Peta in the European Olympic qualifiers back in March.

While Persoon was carrying injuries in this bout, Taylor added the insult, stating that “I think she needs to learn how to box – and that’s probably why she lost in the Olympic qualifiers as well against an unranked amateur fighter.”

Then it was the turn of Amanda Serrano [38(28)-1(0)-1] to step into the firing line.

The Irishwoman was due to face the controversial Caribbean KO artist this year but saw their showdown continually postponed before Serrano unceremoniously withdrew from the running.

While continuing with her sweet delivery, Taylor sliced through the Puerto Rican’s achievements.

While Serrano has broken records in the women’s game, Taylor feels there is context to be added – while also questioning her heart.

The Bray fighter described how “this isn’t me bashing Amanda Serrano – I think she is a great fighter – but I don’t think she really wants the big fights.”

“Looking throughout her career, she really has picked and chose all her opponents. She’s a seven-weight world champion but six of those seven world titles were vacant world titles where she has actually picked her own opponents. I don’t really think she wants the big fights.”

“As I’ve said, I think Amanda is a great fighter, but we won’t know how great she is because she’s not willing to step into the ring against someone whose going to challenge her.”

Joe O'Neill

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