Training for Boxing – Running with Flat Feet 

If you have flat feet, you can still join a running group. This is because you can run with your flat feet. The arches of people with flat feet do not absorb much shock. So, your foot will not absorb much when you run. 

Why do people have flat feet? It is because of injuries to their ankles or feet, genetics, aging, pregnancy, or medical conditions, such as muscular disorders and arthritis. 

Have flat feet? You can still run. However, you need proper equipment and training. You must also make intelligent choices. 

Why Flat Feet Is Sometimes Bad for Running

If you are a runner, you may have experienced discomfort in your hips, back, knees, and legs. Do you want to know what causes that discomfort? The foot has two arches – a rigid arch and a flexible arch. 

If you have a rigid arch, running can sometimes be more difficult. Why? Your rigid arch will not absorb shock. Remember, you put pressure on your feet when running. So, this pressure is transferred to your bones and muscles over your legs and feet. 

In addition, if you have flat feet, the first touch of your foot to the ground happens to the outside of your heel. Thus, your ankle moves inward to your arch.  

Overpronation can delay running since your arc will move first and adjust your weight. That is why flat feet can increase the pressure and stress on your feet. 

How Can I Run Even If I Have Flat Feet? 

If you have flat feet, then you have a collapsed or low arch in your foot. Thankfully, you can run with your flat feet. However, you should know the risk associated with running with flat feet. 

Here are some of the things you should do: 

Regular Exercise 

If you want to prepare for a big race, you have to stretch your calves and ankles regularly. Once you complete your run, you can stretch them for a couple of minutes. Stretching can keep your calves and ankles strong. Talk to a health professional. They can help you avoid hurting yourself. And do some warmups before you start your race.

Choose the Perfect Footwear for Your Feet 

You have to look for the most comfortable running shoes for you. Do not spend so much on a specific type of running shoe. You just have to ensure you are comfortable wearing your running shoes. 

However, if you have rigid arches, you can wear men’s footwear that are designed to limit excessive motion. Remember, shoes will wear too. So, you need to replace them regularly. If you wear worn-out running shoes, they do not provide the same support. 

Looking for the perfect footwear? Consult a physical therapist. They can help you select the perfect running shoes. 

Choose the Best Custom Orthotics 

Use custom orthotics to provide more support for your arch. Custom orthotics can make your foot comfortable. So, add them to your soles. The purpose of orthotics is to support the arch to prevent the foot from overpronating. You will have to consider your condition before choosing orthotics. 

Change of Terrain

Your feet may probably hurt during practice. Do not put more pressure on your feet. Putting too much pressure on your feet can hurt you even more. You do not have to train for several hours. You can only practice for a couple of minutes. Listen to your body. If your body hurts, stop training. 

Want to cut mileage? Change the route. If you have flat feet, you should choose a forgiving terrain, such as flat terrain. This is something you should consider before you run. 

Do not run on hard surfaces, such as pavements or concrete. You will just put too much pressure on your pressure. And you might even get injured and not be able to fight and be bet on. Run on soft surfaces, such as a running track or a grass field to get ready for your big fight. People betting on you will want you to be in your best shape according to here. Your feet will be relaxed. So, you might not get hurt.

Run Properly 

Learning proper running form can help run better. So, it is advisable to talk to your physical therapist. Your physical therapist can help you work on your running form and technique. A good physical therapist can help you run better, faster, and safer.

Jonny Stapleton

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