Top 5 Most Promising Upcoming Irish Boxers

Boxing is not as popular as football or tennis. There are some countries that have taken up the sport as if it’s their national game. And there are nations that don’t encourage boxing at all. They may choose to play the popular slot games at Royal Vegas but not boxing. Ireland is a pro-boxing country. In fact, in the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Irish contingent had the same number of boxers as the United States boxing team. In other words, Ireland is not short of athletes who can fight in the squared ring. However, there are some Irish boxers who’ve been doing great in the recent past and are people to look forward too. Let’s take a look at the top 5 of the lot in descending order.

  1. Jamie Kavanagh

A 25-year-old lightweight boxer, Jamie Kavanagh had grabbed headlines for turning down an attractive boxing contract so that he could move to London where most of his family members are located. He then relocated to Indio, California in 2014 and started training under a new coach Joel Diaz. A father of one, Jamie is being expected to bring his Americanized boxing style to the shores of Ireland and the United Kingdom soon.

  1. Hughie Fury

Hughie Fury is Tyson’s younger cousin and is known for his 9-0 record (6 KOs) before he turned 19. Hughie is more athletic than Tyson could ever be; however, his meteoric growth came to a halt when he was plagued with illness issues in 2014. However, he recovered later with an impressive win over Monaco’s Andriy Rudenko. The 6 feet six inches tall lad is considered as a serious heavyweight prospect.

  1. Philip Sutcliffe Jr.

Part of the light-welterweight category, Philip is a former national champion who is known for his great striking abilities. This ability to pack a punch has set him on path to become the Irish number one in the 140-pound division, but his hand injuries prevented that from occurring. Trained by Sutcliffe Senior, Philip expects to make a return to the ring recently and restore his lost glory.

  1. Paddy Gallagher

People who know Paddy Gallagher well and have seen him boxing over the years know what a real prospect the welterweight champion is. Having been in just four professional fights in his career, Paddy managed to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, thanks to his heavy hands and a rather exciting style.  

  1. Carl Frampton

From Belfast, Carl Frampton is an all-action puncher who has got both the charisma and class. Managed and trained by Shane and Barry McGuigan, Carl is also a crowd-puller as his fights in Belfast attract community support and attraction that only a few can manage within his category. Carl, according to some, is being underplayed or not getting the push he deserves since he is good enough to be in the ring more with the bigger names of boxing.


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