This is the year of the BULL says McGuigan

This is the year of the ‘The Bull’ claims Irish fight legend Barry McGuigan.

The Clones Cyclone believes over the coming boxing season we will see his middleweight prospect Conrad Cummings, ‘a bull who punches like a horse’, enhance his reputation significantly and claim domestic honours.

‘Dynamite’ starts phase two of his development when in just his eight fight he trades leather (or hoofs) with Alfredo Meli for the right to be called BBBofC Celtic title champion at the Waterfront on November 20.

Speaking to the Cyclone CEO billed Cumming’s as a ‘world class’ middleweight in the making and revealed if his man overcomes Meli a Commonwealth title fight will be next on the agenda.

“He is a bull and punches like a horse kicks,” an excited McGuigan said.

“I really believe this is Conrad Cummings year he is a beast and he loves southpaws . After this we will be looking for the Commonwealth title, there are some great fights out there for Conrad, but it all comes down to who is willing to face him. There are a lot of guys out there who don’t want to take the risk.”

“I know how close he is I can see it in the gym, believe me he is an exceptional talent. I really feel 10 rounds title fights are not too far off 12 round clashes- and he does 10 rounds in the gym regular. Once this 10 rounds are out of the way he will have more confidence he can do the rounds and we will be targeting the Commonwealth title. Look at James Degale he fought for the British title in just his ninth fight and we don’t want to hang around too long.”

Cummings has caught the eye progressing to 7-0 taking on fighters who are above traditional journey man level, but former World Champion McGuigan is warns ‘ you ain’t seen nothing yet’.

The Cyclone boss stresses his Bull will be balls out when comes to title action and stresses he is chomping at the bit to sink his teeth into quality opposition.

“Conrad doesn’t want four round fights, he doesn’t have to tell me that. I can see it in him in the gym. He wants to be in title fights and I think he will put his balls on the line in title fights. I really think you will see the best of him when something is on the line. He is a championship fighter.”


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