Sheehan: I didn’t turn over for the sake of it I plan to make it to the top

CON Sheehan is ready to add some different to a reinvigorated professional heavyweight division and warns he isn’t turning over for the sake of it.

The former amateur standout recently announced his decision to ditch the vest and turn pro and he told he plans to become a big name big man.

The former Irish international thinks he has the tools to compete the highest level of highest weight category in paid punching. The six time Irish Senior champ is on par size wise with the new breed of 6’4 plus heavies, but believes his amateur back ground means he can out do most in terms of skill.

“Heavyweight boxing is on the rise again and there is a buzz about it again. I really can’t wait to be part of that and get in the mix down the line. I want big fights with some of the big characters rising in the heavyweights,” the former Clonmel amateur said.

“I believe I’ll bring a different level of skill and speed than most. Skill and speed is unusual with heavyweight boxing and hopefully some big fights and excitement in and out of the ring.”

Con ‘The Bomb’ doesn’t expect to explode straight onto the scene and knows he has to earn his dues, but the 25 year old has massive goals and plans to leave a memorable legacy by the time he retires.

” For now I would like to pick up as many wins as I can and as soon as possible to put myself in a good position. Long term? I want be to be able to live comfortably and leave a good legacy behind when I’m finished. I’m not turning pro for the sake of it I have every intention of reaching the top and staying there as long as possible.”

The popular 25 year old, who has yet to sign a deal, but has offers on the table, also revealed why he decided to turn pro at this stage.

“I decided to turn pro now because the direction amateur boxing at top level is going.  It is more or less pro boxing now. It is also something I always wanted to do, being part of the senior High Performance program’s since 17 I was getting bored and I wanted a fresh challenge, so I felt now was the time to go rather than just going trough the motions as amateur,” he added before discussing his promotional position.

“Nothing is signed just yet, but am in negotiations with a couple of managers/promoters. I am in no rush just waiting for the deal that’s right for me.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years