Sturm: Mack The Knife won’t cut it at world level

JUNE 21 Jonny Stapleton

Matthew Macklin and Felix Sturm’s WBA middleweight world title fight will not go the distance according to the German Champion.

Pic Brian Peters Promotions:Strum delivers message to media

Sturm believes one of the fighters won’t be able to last a frantic pace of the mega bout.

However, the three time conqueror of the boxing world is confident he and not the Irish fighter will be last man standing in Cologne on Saturday night.

The fighter, who boasts a nine year reign at the top, claims he will throw Macklin off his game plan and make him pay for his numerous fight flaws.

The WBA champ, whose hunger and desire have been questioned by some, is expecting brawl in the early rounds followed a more tactical affair, which will ultimately result Macklin’s demise.

“Macklin will be huge trouble in the second half of the fight. His only hope is to get me out early. He will try and pressure me in early rounds but I will throw him off his game plan. I am ready to work from the first to the last bell. Once of won’t be able to last the distance with the tempo this fight will be at and I won’t be the one stopped. Macklin is a world level now and I will make him pay for his flaws,” Sturm explained.

The American press were intent on drawing Sturm on a possible return to America, were he was robbed against Oscar De La Hoya, but despite admitting he would like to fight the man deemed the best in the Division, Sergio Martinez he said he wasn’t over looking Macklin.

“Matthew is the one right in front of me now and the one I have to get past. He is my next challenge. I would like to fight Martinez and prove I am the best in the division, but I have to win on Saturday first. Matthew is a good fighter. He is ranked , but I am confident I can beat him. I am ready to go from the first to the last bell and my hooks to the body and jab will make me stand out.”

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