Marvelous Macklin delivers Sturm warning

June 21 Press Release

Matthew Macklin’s trainer Joe Gallagher wants his charge to go from double M to triple M  over the remainder of this week as Saturday nights World title showdown with Felix Sturm in Germany’s draws ever closer. Gallagher want’s Macklin to adopt Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s mantra of “Mean, Moody, Magnificent” as he bids to upset long reigning WBA champion Sturm at a sold out Lanxess Arena in Cologne on Saturday.

Macklin touched down in Germany on Sunday to fulfil a week of media obligations ahead of a fight which is being broadcast live in the UK and Ireland, Germany and the U.S. with an TV audience of almost 10 million expected in Germany alone while the fight is also being shown live on the jumbotron in Times Square, New York.

Macklin continued his charm offensive in Germany yesterday by once again addressing the media in German but with the final press conference now out of the way Gallagher wants  Macklin to turn to former undisputed Middleweight champ Hagler for inspiration.

“Hagler used to enter the ring with that mantra of ‘Mean, Moody and Magnificent’ and I want Matthew to adopt the same attitude,” revealed Gallagher. “Matthew has watched tapes of Hagler when he came to London to rip the World title from Alan Minter in 3 rounds back in 1980 and were looking for a similar type of performance on Saturday night.

“Hagler earned his chance at the World title the hard way and Matthew’s the same, he’s won the Irish, British and European titles and is rated by all the sanctioning bodies in the top ten so  we’re not here to make up the numbers. We have a lot of respect for Felix and his achievements but everyone’s time at the top comes to an end sometime and I believe there will be a changing of the guard in the middleweight division this weekend.

“I’ve heard Felix say that he has had a great camp and feels better than ever. I’m happy to hear that because then there will be no excuses on Sunday morning. I know that Matthew is in the shape of his life and Felix says he is too so it promises to be a great fight.”

Macklin believes the fight could prove a fight of the year contender, “I think it has all the makings of a thrilling fight,” said the 29-year-old challenger. “Felix says he’s going to start fast and if he does then I’m happy to meet fire with fire and it could be a classic. Obviously I’m the challenger, the away fighter and the underdog so my backs against the wall but that’s when I’m at my best. I’ve waited so long and worked so hard for this chance and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will be leaving the ring with that World title belt on Saturday night.”

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