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Stevie McKenna has an Interesting Proposal for ‘Running’ Man Florian Marku

Stevie McKenna put forward a proposal he hopes will stop Florian Marku from ‘running’.

‘The Albanian King’ has been top of the ‘Hitman’s’ hit list for quite some time but his regular calls to fight have not been answered.

The Boxxer draw, who was last seen against Dylan Moran, won’t be drawn into a war of words with another Irish fighter and has instead set his sights on a fight with Conor Benn and other crossover names.

Matchroom’s Benn is also a boxer the Smithborough wants to put on his record and another fighter he has declared an interest in trading leather with.

The 26-year-old understands there is some work to be done before he can be considered high profile enough for the son of fight legend Nigel Benn – and that’s where Marku comes in. The Hennessy Sports fighter believes Marku is in a similar position and as a result thinks the rivals could help each other out.

McKenna, who takes a big step up when he fights Darren Tettley live on Sky Sports at York Hall this Saturday, says they could compete in a Benn eliminator of sorts.

“I’ve been calling out Marku and Conor Benn this long time but Marku is running a mile,” said McKenna.

“He doesn’t want to know anything about the fight, he doesn’t want to talk about it or acknowledge it but that is a realistic fight.

“He’s 13-0 and I’m 13-0 so I don’t see why it can’t happen. He’s calling out Conor Benn another guy I’ve been looking for, but why not me and Marku and the winner fights Conor Benn? I think that’s a good idea, the fans would like that.

“I haven’t heard a word back from [Benn]. He’s the sort of guy that won’t fight me until I get a big fight. The Marku fight can be that fight, it’s the one at the moment. We are both on Sky Sports and if he really is ‘The King’ why doesn’t he take on ‘The Hitman’ and stop running.”

Despite Marku’s silence, it does now look like a likely match-up.

Boxxer and Sky Sports seem happy to push it and there are suggestions it may happen next year.

If it is made McKenna says he won’t be long breaking down the Albanian.

“He wouldn’t last two rounds with me and that’s the genuine truth. I’m a 6’1 aggressive come-forward fighter. I’m a massive welterweight. Not many guys can handle my physical presence in there. Marku’s a tough opponent he hasn’t faced anyone like me.”


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