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Stephen Spider Webb refusing to be caught up in debut drama

Stephen Webb doesn’t need the big show carrot dangled in front of him, he is motivated enough.

The Belfast lightweight finally makes his debut on a show that includes some big name Irish talents and prospects in Belfast on December 7th at the Titanic Exhibition Centre.

After a number of false starts, it appears the perfect place to get off the blocks, make an impression, and get the name out there.

All factors that may push most to want perform above and beyond, but Webb is adamant he is self motivated and is eager to impress regardless of what show he fights on.

“It’s not just a huge show that’s going to have me motivated, the people around me already motivate me enough,” Webb told Irish-boxing.com.

“As far as I’m aware iFLTV will be covering the bill and with it being such a huge bill to start on doesn’t get to me at all, if anything it’s making me train harder to make sure I’m best prepared as I can be.”

‘Spider’ Webb believes he has a performance of note in him but isn’t putting pressure on himself.

“In terms of trying to impress, I haven’t even thought much about it,” he said.

“But if I box the way I have been the last few months I’ll do more than impress everybody watching – and December 7th is only the start!”

The slickster recently confirmed a change of coach, moving from old amateur clubmate to Gerard McManus but there will be a host of familiar faces around as he punches for pay for the first time.

The December fight night will have a bit of a Holy Trinity reunion feel to it for Webb who will share the card with four of his old amateur club mates.

He hasn’t had a pro fight yet but he has been part of ‘the scene’ for almost a year now and the St James’s lightweight said that “I’m really excited to get going, I’ve been around a lot of professionals the last few months while I have been preparing for fights and just the buzz you get off them preparing for there fights too makes you even more excited.”

“Being on a bill with Conrad [Cummings], Sean [McComb], Lewis [Crocker] and Poddy [McCrory] is great as wel;, seeing we all boxed amateur at Holy Trinity together!”

December 7th is the fourth debut date Webb has had having seen fights on July 7th, July 14, and October 6th all fall through.

The 23-year-old remains positive, however, and explains how “I don’t even think of a fight being cancelled, I stay professional and prepare myself 100%, the past is in the past and I only look forward now and focus on the job ahead of me and being ready for whatever is put in front of me.”

“I’ve cleared the past out of my mind and I’m only focusing on the future.”

Regarding his debut opposition, Webb admits that “I’m not fussed at all, as long as I’m in the ring with someone on December 7th I’ll be happy! I’ll be prepared for any type of fighter.”


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