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Spike O’Sullivan and Chris Eubank Break Bread

Spike O’Sullivan revealed he recently accepted a surprise request to meet one Chris Eubank and was delighted to have shared time with the colourful character.

In a post on social media, the Cork entertainer said he was invited to dinner by the star of British boxing in the 90s and that he welcomed the request without knowing as to why Eubank wanted to meet.

It transpired the former WBO middle and super middleweight champion of the world wanted to discuss the warrior’s code with a fellow warrior and ‘Spike’ was happy to oblige.

Speaking online, O’Sullivan described how “I’m on board a bus back to Cork from Dublin. I travelled up here by bus earlier today I’m not sure how many people would do that for a meeting.

“But then again I’m not sure how many people get to meet so many of their sporting heroes, the meeting wasn’t with any Joe soap. It was with none other than @chriseubanksnr

“Chris was a hero of mine growing up and he still is! I grew up watching Chris on @skysports @skysportsboxing he was one of the people who inspired me to pursue a career in professional boxing.

“Chris contacted me to meet him this evening in Dublin. I wasn’t sure why!

“Of course, when I met Chris I asked him why he wanted to meet me. He told me he was visiting Ireland on some business and whilst he was here he simply wanted to meet with a fellow warrior to talk.

“Chris and I had a conversation that few would truly understand about Warrior’s code. What I can say is that Chris is truly a gentleman and a magnanimous man.”

Two members of the boxing family meeting is nothing new and generally not newsworthy but a Spike and Eubank meeting did raise eyebrows.

O’Sullivan, who hasn’t fought since losing to Erislandy Lara last May but revealed fight news will drop soon, is a former foe of Chris Eubank Jr and has never been shy about insulting Eubank Snr’s son. Not to mention, as a Celtic Warrior Gym fighter, the Cork entertainer is Team Steve Collins, the fighter who beat Eubank in his pomp and in two of the biggest fights in Irish and British boxing history.

However, it seems there is mutual respect and no animosity between the duo.


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