Six of the best in Belfast

23 July 2010

Six of the best boxers in Ireland look set to appear on a single bill in Belfast on October 16.

Paul McCloskey, Brian Magee, Martin Lindsay, Carl Frampton, Martin Rogan and Neil Sinclair will all be in action on the night. However, before you get over excited, their opponent, although able to write, is nothing to write home about.

For the past number of weeks Belfast Newsletter boxing scribe Nicky Fullerton has been boiling down for the toughest assignment of his career.

On October 16, at a venue to be confirmed, Fullerton will battle it out with the sextet in a bid to raise much needed funds for the Falconi Hope Charity.

Fullerton has been preparing for the six-one-minute rounds under the tutelage of John Breen and he will need all the preparation in the world as he faces southpaw, orthodox, stylist, puncher, big men, small men and everything in between in a single night.

Fanconi Anaemia is a genetic disorder which in most cases involves birth defects such as thumb abnormalities, kidney and heart defects and leads to bone marrow failure. Fanconi Hope Charity has sponsored the first ever UK-based research into this.

Tickets for the event cost just 10 and if you are interested in attending contact Nicky Fullerton at

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