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9 October 2008 – by Neil Sincair

Last month I had written about how I would be taking part in the upcoming Prizefighter Series, but unfortunately I have had to withdraw after hurting my back.

Im very disappointed. I noticed it at training but I was warmed up and didnt know what damage I was doing. It was when I was at home having my dinner and I got up out of the seat my back was sore. I didnt take any days off, just trained and after I warmed up it was ok. But then one evening last week I was out for a run and it got progressively worse. I went to see a physio and he said I could start training next week, but the difficulty now is my weight.

I have a bit of fitness built up so I would like to be out before Christmas. Again it depends on the back. I couldnt afford to take any more time off as I wouldnt have made the weight.

It would have been impossible to fight. Everyone picks up injuries along the way, but you dont want to go in and take unnecessary risks to your health especially when it comes to losing weight and Im too smart from that so I had to withdraw.

Unfortunately if you dont fight you dont get paid and there probably is a tendency for some fighters to fight when they are injured.

I had a meeting with my promoter Brian Peters yesterday and he has assured me that everything is ok and that he will get me a fight once my back is better. There is actually going to be another Prizefighter Series at light-middleweight so I would like to take part in that. But time will tell.

On a positive note my gymmate Jason McKay has secured a British title shot against Wayne Elcock. Im delighted for him and he really deserves it. He has always said it is something that he would love to fight for and I wish him all the best and hope he pulls it off.

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