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4 March 2010 – By Neil Sinclair

I was very disappointed with my performance against Bradley Pryce in Prizefighter last week and I still am.

It will take a while to get over it but I will get over it like I did previous defeats and move on.

I always believed that three rounds would suit me as throughout my career I have stopped guys early. Perhaps I put myself under too much pressure to go out and win the first round and I didnt win the first round. I won the second round and the third round was anybodys.

There have been people who have told me that they genuinely felt I won the fight but I didnt feel like a winner. I certainly didnt feel like a loser, but the whole thing seemed so quick and I never really got going. Im not saying I would have got going had the fight been six, eight or even twelve rounds because it just wasnt there on the night.

If I feel I cant do better than my performance the other night then you wont see me in the ring again. I need to be much better than that but I believe I can be much better than that.

There has already been talk about me returning to action as soon as April to fight James Moore in a defence of my Irish light-middleweight title. But I havent been contacted officially by anyone in relation to that. It is all just hearsay to be honest.

I would need to find out what the truth of it is, what the ins and outs of it are. But we are in to March now so April maybe too early to come back. Maybe I need to lick my wounds and wait until May or June.

Thankfully there are options.

A rubber match with Pryce would be one, an Irish title defence another or I could return to welterweight because I only moved up to light-middle out of opportunity and not necessity. A final option would be to not box again and to do something else but I think that would be too drastic a decision to make just yet.

When I do retire I will look into doing more media work and also getting involved in coaching. Boxing is a fantastic sport that has been very good to me and when it is all over I would like to pass some of what I have learned.

John Duddy returns to action next Saturday and hopefully it will bring him closer to a World Title fight. He is a good guy and has gone out to America to make a name for himself which I know isnt easy to do. So finger crossed he wins in style.

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