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‘Tyrone was texting me and I wasn’t replying’ – Tyrone McCullagh hit new lows post Golden Contract defeat

Tyrone McCullagh [14(6)-1(0)] reflects on the time after his first career loss in the Golden Contract back in February in an honest interview with Irish-Boxing.com

The Derry frontline worker told us, that he got so low, he wouldn’t even text teammate and best friend Tyrone McKenna back after the disappointment of his loss to Ryan Walsh.

“I was very down and disappointed as everyone would be after there first loss. I don’t know If I took it worse than others do but Tyrone was even texting me and I wasn’t even replying. I wasn’t replying to any of my mates, I was just lying in my room and I can’t even remember most of it.

“It’s kind of a blur but I was very very disappointed and gutted, but I’m over it now and I’m ready to get back to winning ways.”

McCullagh also discussed the potential difficulties he may have in securing a fight date during the COVID-19 pandemic

” I don’t know when I’m going to be out again because obviously, Tyrone has the final so he will be more likely to get a fight in England, but I can’t see the likes of Eddie Hearn or Frank Warren putting me on any of their shows, so I could have to fight locally next and it just depends when the local shows are going to be on. It will probably be September at the earliest.

‘White Chocolate’ also reveals he was in talks with MTK Global for a fight in July but was postponed due to the Coronavirus.

“Jamie Conlan was on to me talking about the 25th of July but that’s obviously not happening, but I’ll just stay ready. I have to be back in camp now that restrictions are being lifted because It was hard to motivate yourself.”

He tells us the struggles of staying motivated during the lockdown and how he and McKenna struggled due to the lack of structure and routine.

“The both of us need routine, we were just sitting in our houses doing next to nothing but just getting out on a run or doing the bare minimum and it’s just being out of routine, you have nothing to get up for and nothing to do your just lying around the house all day but now we are back here (Dublin) full time which is far far better for us.”

“We have a gym were we stay and we can get in there which isn’t too bad. There are treadmills and weights, but it is just getting up and doing two sessions a day and having something to get up for.

“It’s easier to diet when you’re dieting with someone whereas when your in the house with the kids and the missus there saying let’s get a Chinese and you end up getting a Chinese so it’s impossible. Having someone with you doing It is great, the two Tyrone’s back together again.”

Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email mccabejosh3@gmail.com