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Show Me The Money – Fury Vs Klitscko

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Ah boxing betting, you little monkey!! Again we were close to being rich last week but a split decision in Germany did us in. We correctly predicted that Lee Haskins would win world title at 5/1 and he did but the bookies wouldn’t pay out. Just because he won it as the champ didn’t make weight and the fight never happened is no reason not to pay up! Shame on you bookies! Once more into the breach my dear comrades and I promise you we’ll end up on the sunny side once we push through!

The biggest event of the last while comes upon us tonight with Tyson Fury having his chance to become lineal heavyweight champion of the world. To do so all he has to do is beat the snot out of Wladimir Klitscko who hasn’t tasted the bitter lemons of defeat in ten years. As a betting proposition this is a complete nightmare. On paper who do I think is most likely to win? Well it’s got to be big Wlad. So we’ll bet on him then…not so much!

I have long thought that Tyson Fury could be the man to dethrone Wlad. Klitschko uses his long arm straight in the face of his normally shorter opponents to keep them out of range before he drops his bomb of a right hand on them. Take for example the David Haye fight, where Haye didn’t get within an asses roar of landing a meaningful punch. Fury has said in the build up that tactic won’t work against him as he has a longer reach than Wlad and he even might try that plan himself. He has also said he has 3 or 4 gameplans and we’ve seen evidence of this in his previous fights.

It is of course a concern that he has’t’ beaten an elite heavyweight so far but he has looked good getting this far.To be fair Wlad has fought a murderer’s row of complete puddings lately. I’m 50/50 on the outcome so when we can get 4/1 on Fury there is no hesitation that this is the bet. I’m hopeful Fury stays longs at the start, switch hits to confuse and frustrate Wlad and build an early lead. When this happens Wlad gets desperate and exposes the glass chin that hasn’t been seen in a decade and BOOM Fury is the new champ. I’m also hopeful he’ll try to fight in his Batman suit and that would really give Wlad the heebee jeebees.

There’s plenty of other boxing this weekend so again we will try to muddle together a bet to keep us interested.
James Degale defends his title for the first time in Canada against Lucian Bute. Strangely enough I know Bute’s Romanian cousin and she tells me he is in tremendous shape for this. I don’t think that will be enough to get him the win as I think Degale is really blossoming into a very good fighter but I think he will hear the final bell so a Degale win on points at odds against seems a good play.

We’ll double it up with Eleider Alvarez on the undercard. He’s fighting Isaac Chilemba who makes watching paint dry look like the Late Late Toy Show when you’re six years old and full of sugar he’s so flipping boring. The Fury undercard is unbelievably pants and there is nothing to be gained from there (I will however enjoy watching Jono Carroll fight).

Tyson Fury to win 4/1 €30 to bring in €150
James Degale on points 13/10 and Eleider Alvarez 8/13 €20 to to bring in €75

Fund now €135



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