Sheehan: I am happy to go in at the deep end no one learns from beating bums


Former amateur heavyweight stand out Con Sheehan is that tall he could probably stand in the deep end of a swimming pool untroubled and claims the boxing deep end would leave him equally unperturbed.

Sheehan has been a pro since the start of the year, but has yet to officially punch for pay, but isn’t worried as he feels he is ready to start above standard journey man level.

The former Senior Champ admits he could have wracked up a couple of wins by now, but is adamant beating ‘bum’s wouldn’t have benefited him greatly and claims after a full camp with new trainer Virgil Hunter he will be ready for a debut test.

The Gary Hyde managed puncher makes trades leather for the first time without the vest Stateside on December 5 and is expecting a decent opponent and to jump straight to six rounds.

“To be honest I have no idea the level of the guys I will be in with. But I think they will be better than your usual first few fights opponents,  purely because what I have shown in the gym,” Sheehan told

“These American heavelyweights aren’t bad there are a lot of good lads off the radar, but I’d be more than happy going straight into the deep end. It would pay off in the long run, no body learns from beating bums up. I also think I am starting with 6 rounds.”

There were some suggestions the skilled fighter’s debut was put back to the end of the year so he could spend time adapting to a pro style.

However, Sheehan says that wasn’t the case and suggests it was just bad timing in terms of Hunter being tied up with Amir Khan.
“Its great to have a set date to be honest.  It was frustrating waiting around. I could of had a stack of wins by now, but I have a great team around me so if they say there is no rush I am not arguing,” Shehan continued before talking further about the delay.

“It wasn’t a transition thing. It was more bad timing than anything Virgil was very happy with how I was adapting I was doing a job on some of the big prospects in California sparring.


“I think when I went over for the first time he had Khan starting camp and then Andre Ward straight after, so timing wise it wasn’t the best. He said wait till next time round, that there was no rush and that once I got the ball rolling the fights would be flying in.”

“He also wanted to get a few months of good strength and conditioning under me since I told him i never actually had any heavyweight specific training before. He was actually quite shocked by that.”






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