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Sean Creagh approaching return to domestic dust-ups following surprise Celtic Clash 3 win

Welterweight Sean Creagh [6(2)-1(1)] is now just one more win from drawing up a new call out list.

The Tallaght native with a brilliant back story has had little time for journeymen since he turned over. Creagh seems to crave the excitement an#d challenge the domestic dust up brings and isn’t afraid of dismissing learning fights in favour of more risky fan-favourite bouts.

However, after changing management and signing with Boxing Ireland, as well as linking up with a new trainer in Eddie Hyland, Creagh was advised to ease his way back following defeat to Tyrone McKenna and get a previously injured bicep right.

A win over Teodor Nikolov in May followed and he was set to add to this next month but, eager to get boost his record further and to increase derby clash potential, Creagh took took a fight at two days notice at the weekend and on the back of a holiday in Vegas.

The opposition was never going to be the most testing, but the size of super middleweight Valentin Stoychev dictated that it was bit of a risk. However, it was a risk that ‘Creaghzy Horse’ was happy to take if it got him closer to a return to the spotlight.

Creagh, who has called them all out in the past, told Irish-Boxing.com that, if he wins on the October 6th Kieran Farrell fight night in Belfast, normal service will be resumed.

“I thought I did okay tonight considering. I got the win so that’s 6-1 now, 7-1 in three weeks and then we can have look again,” the Killinarden fighter explained.

“With that record I can start calling people out again. I can start looking for titles and fights the fans want to see. I had a taste of it with the McKenna fight and I can’t wait to get back to that again.”

Especially with Sky over here now. They are going to be coming over with big shows and they will need opponents for their boys won’t they?”

On his hit list from October will be names in and around welterweight, yet the man he had to hit and not get hit by in a ‘bonus’ win on Saturday weighed in at super middleweight.

Stoychev was certainly bigger than any of Creagh’s past or future foes in the pros – although he would have faced a few super heavyweights in his amateur and white collar days – but the 28 year old wasn’t fazed. In fact he seemed to really enjoy the challenge.

“I actually enjoyed that. Just get in an fight no real pressure just a scrap. He was a big heavy lad. He didn’t hurt me but he did hit a little harder.”

“He was the bigger man so I didn’t want to be caught wrestling or that. It’s obvious he would tire me out so every time he grabbed me I just there and let him do what he wanted.”

“I tried to box more and I enjoyed that. I am just learning as I go, it’s always good to add new things.”

Creagh, who came in at a mid-camp 161lbs, also noted that he may have to try and maintain his own weight better over the coming months, possibly with the view of being ready for any late calls.

“I probably do need to keep the weight down all the time now. I am always training and always in the gym, but when I don’t really see a fight in the pipeline I can let the nutrition part of it go. I will keep that up all the time now and be ready for calls if they come my way too.”

“I am always fit, sure I got in tonight after a week in Vegas, but just that nutrition I will keep an eye on better now.”

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