Roddy Collins draws attention to controversial Hyland-Ormond decision in end of year list

He is the footballer of the family, but Roddy Collins still has strong views on boxing.

The former Bohemians and Carlisle coach is as famed for his straight talking ways and opinionated stances as he is for his coaching.

Indeed, when it comes to opinions, the brother of Steve and Paschal Collins isn’t limited to football. Collins is well versed on all things boxing, is a regular down in Celtic Warriors Gym, and was said to be a half decent operator in his day.

The Star columnist still expresses a view on all things punching and has picked a boxing moment as one of his main gripes of 2017.

Pundit Collins was asked to get up on his soapbox and outline the Top 12 sporting occurrences that upset him over the past 12 months.

High on his list was the defeat Celtic Warriors fighter Stephen Ormond suffered at the gloves of Paul Hyland Jr in Belfast in October of this year.

Ormond suffered a split-decision points defeat to a fighter who has had a breakthrough 2017, but the vast majority believed the decision should have gone the other way.

After being knocked down amidst some competitive early rounds, Ormond went on to completely dominate the second half of the fight and most felt he won on a close but clear scoreline.

However, scores of 114-113 and a frankly ridiculous 117-110 over-ruled a 115-113 in favour of Ormond.

Collins certainly feels strongly about the controversial decision and had it as his second biggest gripe of 2017 – after Dublin football captain Stephen Cluxton missing out on an All-Star.

Collins explained how “on the night in question he knew he won, we knew he won, everybody knew he won, and that he won hands down.”

“Afterwards everybody was ringing him, hugging him, telling him, ‘Stevie, you won’.”

“I have seen hometown decisions but this was awful.”

While both parties seem reluctant to rematch – with Team Hyland wanting to move forward and Team Ormond believing they would be victim to bad scorecards again – the repeat remains high on the list of fights for 2018.

Indeed with Katie Taylor’s homecoming tentatively set for April, and Ryan Burnett also likely to have a fight in Ireland during the year, there will be ample opportunity for such a fight to take place on a big Matchroom card.



Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years