Rigo: ‘Tell Frampton and Quigg The Daddy Is Back and coming for them

‘The Daddy’ is back and ready to take back what is rightfully his. That’s the bold statement former WBO and WBA super bantamweight champion of the World Guillermo Rigondeaux has made this week.

The Cuban fight legend, who was previously managed by Cork’s Gary Hyde, was stripped of his WBO title for inactivity and bizarrely made ‘champion in recess’ by the WBA for the same reasons.

As a result the massive Frampton versus Quigg pay per view clash is now for both ‘The Jackal’s’ IBF World title and the two time Olympic Champion’s old WBA strap, which the Bury fighter is now the custodian of.

Rigo wants Frampton and Quigg bouts
Rigo wants Frampton and Quigg bouts

The WBA have ruled that the winner of the eagerly anticipated February 27 clash has been ordered by the WBA to defend the title against the former Willie Casey defeater and ‘Rigo’ claims he is looking forward to making both ‘disappear off the face of the planet’.

“Quigg and Frampton are good fighters but I am back and am going to disappear the two of them off the face of the planet when they step in the ring with me. I am coming back to claim all the belts and you can tell Frampton and Quigg – ‘the daddy is back,”

If Frampton overcomes the challenge Quigg brings he will face a next opponent dilemma. He will be in possession of two titles and as a result will have two mandatory challengers Shingo Wake and Rigondeaux. He will most likely have to vacate one strap. The IBF seems the more respected and certainly stable organisation and as a result Wake seems a wise option, but the undefeated Belfast star has always said he would like to face Rigondeaux to prove he is the best on the planet at the weight and as a result that fight might appeal.


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