Quigg says Frampton has to move up a level before they fight

Newly crowned British super bantamweight Champion Scott Quigg believes he has moved a level ahead Commonwealth champion Carl Frampton and has told the Belfast fighter to catch if he wants to challenge him.

Booth and Frampton are on a domestic unification collision course and looked set to trade leather in their next fight with amongst others Sky keen to see the battle of two of the hottest prospects in the division.

However, Quigg claims he has stole the march on Frampton with his win over respected veteran Scott Quigg on Saturday and believes the Jackal will have to add a few more distinguished names to his record before they can meet.

The Bury fighter did state a ‘mega fight’ with Barry McGuigan’s protégé, who could add the European title to his Commonwealth and Celtic crowns if a fight with Kiko Martinez comes off , is inevitable, but doesn’t think it will happen as soon as initially expected.

“A fight between me and Frampton looks like it is definitely going to happen, but I see it further down the line. It might come off in six to eight months time if he gets a few more big fights and names on his record. It would be good to have mega showdown with him, but I proved myself over the weekend against a fighter like Jason Booth and he has to do the same,” the Hatton promoted fighter revealed.

It could be suggested champion Quigg would prefer to hold onto his titles and make a few financailly rewarding defences before risking them against Frampton.

Frampton, who is backed by a lot of respect pundits to go all the way to the top, certinaly holds a different view to his would be opponent.

The Gerry Storey trained pugilist, who dispatched quicker the opponents he has in common with Quigg, feels ready for anyone in Europe and would take a fight with the British champion now if he could get it.

The ‘Belfast Boy’ believes Quigg has yet to face anyone near his level yet.

“I always said I want big fights and me and Scott would definitely be a big fight. The job he did on Saturday is better for me. It hypes a fight more. I want to fight for the British title and I have the Commonwealth title we could fight for both. I would fight anyone in Europe at present Booth, Quigg, Munroe, Willie Casey or Kiko Martinez,” Frampton said.

“Without sounding big headed who has Quigg fought that’s near my level yet? A shot Jason Booth who can still make super flyweight? What about Voronin and Reid? Mutual opponents who I put away in less than half the time. Believe me I’m ready for Quigg now!”

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