Fitzgerald wants to Chav a go at Julio Cesar Jnr

With WBC middleweight champion of the World Julio Cesar Chavez Junior’s proposed fight with ‘The Irish’ Mexican Saul Alveraz in jeopardy Anthony Fitzgerald has challenged the Mexican to fight a real Irish man.

Son of legendary fighter Julio Cesar Chavez, Chavez Jnr has amassed a 40 fight undefeated record that is regularly ridiculed and it seems the former John Duddy defeater could be avoiding a tough challenge once again as talks between him and Alveraz are shaky.

Fitzgerald, who is finding it hard to get fights at present despite owning three belts, believes the world champion doesn’t want a stern test and as a result believes he can dupe Chavez into fighting him.

With a top 15 world ranking Fitzgerald qualifies as a viable challenger, but despite being the only man to stop Affif Belghecham his record wouldn’t scare the Mexican.

As a result the Irish super middleweight and EBA champ believes Chavez could be tempted to give him a world title tilt whilst he continues to avoid the big names..

“People might think it’s a bit far fetched, but I want Chavez junior. Lots of fighters talked there way into fights look at David Haye. Vladimir didn’t even know who he was two years ago. I would fight Chavez junior and why shouldn’t I aim for the top?Some fans might get on my back again, but I want to fight the big names to further my career and help my family.” Fitzgerald explained.

“I see he is up to his old tricks of avoiding the big fights again. If he doesn’t want a big name he can fight me. I am ranked so I qualify. I presume he will see me as an easy touch so I could be in with a chance.”

Fitzgerald doesn’t just think he has a chance of fighting the Top Rank fighter he feel he could slaughter the cash cow.

“I have never been impressed with him. I haven’t seen anything from him to scare me. When I train hard people have seen what I could do. People doubted me against the likes of Hammond and Affif Belghecham and I beat both. I know I could beat him.”


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