Players’ favourite boxing themed slot games for the last decade

Sports are often used as an inspiration for the new online slots that are the ones that many people love watching and enjoy following. These are also the sports with famous superstars and celebrity athletes that people admire. One of these sports is undoubtedly boxing.

Both boxing and slot games share the element of thrill and action. Are you the person that never misses a boxing match? Do you make an event of every match and invite all your friends over to watch? Well, consider taking your game on to the next level. In this article we will look at some of the best boxing themed casino games.


Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa is a cultural phenomenon that was an inspiration for many generations. Designed and brought to you by Videobet, this slot proves to recreate the magic in the movie. The fictional character Rocky is just as popular as some of the most popular professional players. In this game you’ll get the chance to fight and face Rocky’s greatest opponents. It includes five reels with 25 paylines along with free spins offer, a wild symbol and a bonus round feature.

Mike Tyson Knockout

With his warrior face tattoo and tiger as a pet, Mike Tyson is the superstar of the boxing world. Back in his days of fame, he was known for his short-fuse and drama lifestyle and behaviour. He provided some of the most entertaining and dramatic matches out there. Whether you are a fan or not, you’ll find this game entertaining. You’ll be working to earn the Heavyweight Title which will require a knockout. Featuring great graphics and sounds, this game offers players up to 12 free spins, 20 paylines and five reels.

Fisticuffs Slot

This game is set up inside a retro boxing ring with red curtains tightened with ropes. When you spin you can hear the crowd talking in the background and a piano song that plays some classic tune. This slot game from NetEnt offers five reels and ten paylines. With colourful graphics, animations and structure that is easy to play, Fisticuffs is a favourite theme on the slot scene. Even though launched in 2013, it still manages to remain popular.

2016 Gladiators Slot

This slot game is exciting for all sports lovers because it’s customisable to weightlifting, volleyball and fencing. The whole purpose behind this online slot game is to praise the 2016 Olympic Games, which is obvious from the sports offered in the game. Set in Rio De Janeiro, dramatic music will accompany your spin game to boost the sporty and lively atmosphere. The sports commentary and sound effect signals are the winning detail in the game. You can play up to 21 paylines on five reels. You can increase your bet per payline by clicking on the “bet” button to work the way through the coin values starting at 1 and going up to 100.   

Fight Night

Just like other online slot games, you’ll need to match the symbols on the active paylines to get that winning combination. Here, you’ll be spinning symbols like boxing gloves, WBC title belt, your opponent and even the referee. Fight Night features five reels with a total of 25 available paylines to wager on. You can choose how many of them you want to activate, as well as your bet per line. Aside from the winning combinations, there are other symbols and offers in the board including the free spins and wild symbols. If you want to get a glance at the game and get some training, you can check the offered simulation mode. This mode can be played as long as you feel comfortable with it before you decide to move on to the live game.  


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