PIN-UP Global is a successful business without borders

PIN-UP Global is an ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. The ecosystem is divided into several directions such as PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.PLAY, PIN-UP.CARE, and PIN-UP.TEAM. Each direction can have one or more companies that interact with each other through both competition and cooperation. Ecosystem companies implement innovative technologies and non-standard solutions for the development and scaling of products and services.

Structure of the Global PIN-UP network

PIN-UP GLOBAL is segmented into different directions based on their profiles. Each direction performs its tasks:

  1. PIN-UP.BUSINESS is a branch of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem focused on outsourcing and high-quality execution of business processes.
  2. PIN-UP.TECH develops software and specializes in technological solutions.
  3. PIN-UP.TRAFFIC is a group of companies in the PIN-UP Global ecosystem that offers high-quality, payback traffic to promote customer products and services in their target markets.
  4. PIN-UP.CARE is a direction of work with non-profit organizations declaring the principles of social responsibility in the field of human rights, labor relations, environmental protection, and charitable activities.

The global structure of Pin-Up is a digital business without borders. It has eight licensed offices in six different countries and is constantly expanding its partner geography.

Shared Ecosystem Values

Each member of the PIN-UP GLOBAL ecosystem understands its area of responsibility and performs its core tasks. At the same time, specialists interact with each other and go towards a common goal, maintaining values and principles of the ecosystem:

  • Be first to lead. The ecosystem is constantly evolving, moving forward, and setting trends. Specialists find the best solutions for clients and implement new ideas.
  • Be an expert in your domain. PIN-UP Global employs experienced professionals who are constantly learning and developing professionally along with the development of the ecosystem.
  • Be a partner in teamwork. Ecosystem partners respect each other’s independence and learn from each other. Thanks to the work built on trust and compliance with the rules, as well as mutual support, the team quickly and easily achieves its goals.
  • Focus on the result. The company employs persistent, active, and purposeful people who are focused on their results, the results of the corporation, and their clients. Due to their purposefulness, the members of the ecosystem quickly get what they aspire to.
  • Open and honest communication. The interaction of the team members is built on trust, in addition, the team of professionals is open in communication with partners and clients.

These values are formed on the basis of the policies and processes of the Pin-Up ecosystem. These rules are aimed at adjusting internal interaction and improving the functionality of the ecosystem.


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