Paulie back in action

26 May 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Willie Casey and continental defeat are in Paulie Hylands past, but a second European title fight is the Tallaght mans future, according to the Irish super bantamweight champion.

Hyland returns to action for the first time since he was stopped by Big Bang Willie Casey in the National Stadium claiming the Limerick loss is well and truly behind him. The stylish fighter cant wait to get back in the ring and take step one back on the road to European redemption. And the youngest of the three fighting brothers believes he will have a better chance of success next time round stressing he will have the benefit of 10 weeks rather 10 days to prepare.

Hyland, who was informed by the EBU that he is two wins away from being deemed a continental contender again, has seen a couple of return bouts fall by the wayside since that defeat in Limerick and cant wait to get back to business next month.

I cant wait to get back in the ring. The Willie Casey defeat has been put to bed a long time ago. I am focusing on my next fight and getting back into European contention now. Two fights fell through since November. I was due to fight Acosta but negotiations fell through and prevented us taking that fight. But I have been enjoying my time in the gym and training. I was over sparring Nicky Cooke in Tenerife which was great. I know for definite in am due back in the ring now and I have been training full time for this fight and I cant wait to crawl under the ropes under the lights and throwing a few digs again. I dont care who I fight. I have been training for 12 rounds with Patrick even though I am only doing six. I am getting in the ring with a full training camp under my belt not just 10 days and people will see the difference.

Hyland was gracious in defeat after loosing the first ever all Irish European title fight at the gloves of Limericks Casey. The Dubliner stressed Casey deserves credit for winning, but claimed given more time to prepare the result would have been different.

If I had more than 10 days to prepare of course the result would have been different. I have no doubts about that. I had to drop at least a stone in less than two weeks that is not ideal preparation. Again I am not making excuses Willie did his job. Willie deserves respect and praise for winning it but at the end of the day he didnt fight the real Paulie Hyland.

Like most modern sports professionals the Hylands have employed the services of a strenght and conditioner coach and the youngest of the three claims he is really feeling the benefits of working new coach Joe Clifford.

Working with Joe Clifford has been great. It stuff we didnt do before. Watching your nutrition and monitoring your progression. I can feel the difference strength wise. In sparring with Eddie I can push him off me now, that is always hard to do!

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