Online Betting Guide: Irish Edition

Online betting is a globally popular activity that continuously sees unprecedented numbers of punters. Here’s what Irish gamblers need to know.

Online Betting For Irish Punters: Everything You Need To Know

Ireland is one of the world’s premier markets when it comes to online betting. This part of the world has had a long and passionate relationship with gambling, which continues today. Besides being commonplace for decades, online gambling is one of the favorite pastime of countless players. Sports betting is an equally enjoyed activity in Ireland, and online operators that combine casino and betting entertainment have a faithful following in this country. 

Ireland’s Online Betting Overview

When it comes to the legality of online sports betting in Ireland, operators functioned under the Betting Act of 1931’s antiquated laws until recently. However, the 2015 Betting (Amendment) Act rectified the previous legislation and helped the Irish Statute reevaluate its position on legalized online gambling. As a result, if an online operator obtains a registered license, players age 18 and older can legally enjoy bingo, bookmakers, and online casino sites across Ireland.

Consequently, Irish players can benefit from an explosion of the online gambling space. The offer skyrocketed in recent years when it comes to licensed virtual casino operators. Irish customers can enjoy countless globally popular betting markets and casino games courtesy of numerous legally operating providers. Plans to establish a centrally regulated authority came into the light with the Irish government’s pledge in the Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Act of 2019.

Regardless of the legislation changes in recent years, the 1956 laws on betting and gambling prohibit brick-and-mortar casinos in the country. In other words, you won’t find a traditional land-based casino in Ireland, per se. However, if you’re looking to get informed about different gambling establishments, you’re at the right place. Thanks to a legal loophole, you can still frequent physical betting establishments throughout Ireland in the form of private clubs.

Irish Online Betting & Casino Gaming 

Players throughout Ireland can enjoy a rich offering of online casinos and sportsbooks. The vast majority of online gambling operators in the country nowadays feature a dedicated casino section. Naturally, you’ll find better conditions in some than in others, but as always, features like a generous welcome bonus might help tip the scales. 

On the other hand, the implementation of the Gambling Control Bill in 2015 officially legalized sports betting in Ireland. Nowadays, you’ll find more than 1,000 sportsbooks across the country, but more sportsbook providers enter the Irish market almost daily. 

The result is that both international and Irish sportsbooks offer reputable services to Irish bettors across different sports. Because competition is so simultaneously fierce and similar, numerous providers rely on lucrative welcome offers and continuous platform improvements.

Vital Criteria For Choosing A Sportsbook

When looking to engage in online betting, choosing the correct sportsbook is a crucial consideration. Keeping a close eye on the most lucrative and generous welcome bonus is a given, but there is more to the decision. The primary factors to consider include:

  • Software
  • Payment methods
  • Odds
  • Tax.


Renowned and reliable software is just as critical as every other gaming aspect, if not more. Most sportsbook and casino operators rely on tried and tested software solutions like OpenBet and Microgaming to ensure maximum visitor satisfaction. 

The best way to determine the platform of your potential operator is to check the terms and conditions section of homepage’s footer. We recommend opting for providers using either OpenBet or BetConstruct as their chosen platform for Irish players looking to enjoy online betting.

Payment Methods

If you’re from Ireland and are looking to enjoy sports betting with any of the available sportsbooks, you should not experience any payment issues. Most of the sport betting providers in Ireland support an impressively long payment options list. Since online transactions occur between individual players and the casino, it makes sense to choose the safest option available.

When it comes to the recommended methods, it is best to start with one of the many e-wallets at your disposal. These payment methods are some of the fastest-working and safest options you can choose, but there is a catch. Numerous online casinos and sportsbooks deny new players the welcome bonus if they register with Neteller or Skrill. 

If e-wallets don’t appeal to you, you can always use a debit/credit card. But, even if card payments don’t feel right, numerous other methods can serve this purpose. These methods include bank transfers, PaySafeCard, Trustly, EntroPay, ApplePay, and many more.


One of the critical factors that can make or break your online betting experience is the ability to calculate your chances accurately. However, this process requires a vital input without which there is no point engaging in any type of calculation. This input is the payout percentage (in the case of online casino games) or odds (in the case of sportsbooks).

Generally speaking, you won’t find significant discrepancies between different sportsbooks and casino operators in terms of odds/RTPs. Regardless, some sportsbooks consistently offer better odds than others, and thorough research can help you make the right choice.


Irish punters can rest easy and enjoy sportsbook betting to their heart content because of one simple reason. Gambling winnings are entirely tax-free in Ireland. According to gambling legislation, the Irish tax authorities do not consider gambling winnings as capital gain or income. Therefore, these winnings are exempt from tax, meaning that even professional gamblers do not need to fear taxation on their winnings.

Additionally, many consider online gambling and sports betting as a less-than-ethical/moral industry in this regard. There is indeed a fine line between non-taxable and taxable gambling, but herein lies an extenuating circumstance. Individual cases are far more difficult to pursue when it comes to taxation, meaning that imposing personalized taxes is nearly impossible. 

Final Thoughts

Irish sports betting fans have countless sportsbook options at their disposal. Thanks to the recent legislation changes, Ireland has become one of the most impressive and diverse online punting markets globally. 

Whether you prefer online sports betting or casino games, the Irish market is where your selection will be limitless. Online betting can be a highly entertaining and lucrative activity, but remember to exercise restraint and wager responsibly. Good luck! 


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