6 Expert Tips For More Gains From Your Runs And Workouts

Are you thinking of running to reduce or manage your body weight, but unsure of how to go about it and realize the best results? Below are a few expert tips worth considering.

1. Run Regularly

While we say it is best to stick to a regular running routine, you must start by doing at least three weekly runs as a beginner. You then increase the volume after conditioning yourself to the demands of running regularly. You can up the runs to four or five a week. Also, prioritize a break, especially when the body tells you it needs one. It helps you avoid fatigue and overuse injuries. Invest in a good pair of running shoes from the Orthotic Shop.

2. Focus On Strength Training

Running alone will not suffice if you are to reach your desired body weight. The higher the muscle volume in your body, the higher the basal metabolic rate. So, it is best to supplement your running sessions with at least one strength training exercise once a week. You can use your body weight or free weights for strength training workouts. Check out the Adidas Training app for ideas on effective strength training routines using your body weight.

3. Mix It Up

As a beginner, consider doing short easy runs. It allows your body to adjust and build up reserves. But the body soon adapts to the training stimulus as you increase the pace and distance. Subsequently, the energy reverses (the body fat) and grows smaller over time as you gain more experience. It then calls for mixing up the training to incorporate more variety. The Orthotic Shop offers a great range of supportive running shoes to protect your joints.

Try not to allow your body to get accustomed to one workout. Switch it up to force the body to keep adapting to different training situations. It will boost your metabolism for better performance. For instance, you can do some technique drills and sprints alongside your long-distance runs. Or consider strength training to break up the routine and avoid doing the same workouts back-to-back.

4. Increase The Intensities

Engines burn lots of fuel when running at full speed. The same principle applies when you are doing intense runs. It means your body experiences a metabolic process during intense running sessions, primarily long, slow, and demanding runs. On the flip side, the metabolic process is lower, and the energy dispensation is higher when you engage in high-intensity sessions like short strenuous intervals, meaning you burn more calories or body fat.

It also is prudent to point out that you must be ready for the “afterburn” effect. You will experience a higher afterburn when recovering from a high-intensity run or workout. However, it is best to exercise caution with intense runs because they can deal a heavy toll on your body, especially as a beginner. So, stick to at least one strenuous workout per week to be safe.

5. Take Breaks

Give your body enough time to adapt to the different training stimuli, So, schedule at least one day of rest and recuperation per week. This day will help your body recover and help with issues like inflammation – inflammation can also be helped with supplements and edibles. Use that day to get plenty of sleep and restock on vital nutrients to help you stabilize your body’s metabolic processes.

Jonny Stapleton

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