National Under 21 Championship results

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THE Holy Trinity BC in Belfast registered a hat-trick at tonight’s U/21 Championships finals at the National Stadium in Dublin.


Sean McComb, Mark O’Hara and Conrad Cummings had their hands raised in triumph for the Turf Lodge academy at the home of Irish boxing.


Derry light-flyweight Blaine Dobbins won the first title of the evening courtesy of a 16-11 win over Antrim’s TJ Waite. Dobbins led this contest 5-4 and 8-7 at the end of rounds one and two and


held his composure in the face of some serious pressure from Waite in the final frame to pick off another eight points.


Michelle Jannick claimed the first of the 51Kg titles following a see-saw battle with Jade Corcoran. The lead changed hands three times in this encounter before Jannick emerged with five points to spare over her Crumlin BC opponent.


The men’s 51Kg final between Hugh Myres and Gavin McComb was tipped in advance to produce Halloween fireworks. And neither flyweight disappointed with punches flying in from all angles in a first round which finished 3-3.

McComb edged the next frame to command an 8-7 lead going down the final stretch. Myres came storming back in the third, catching McComb with a combo mid-way through the frame.


However, McComb landed some neat shots of his own to shade a 15-14 win.


“This is my first Irish title and I’ve been waiting all my life for it. It was a tough one, especially the third round and I’m delighted with the win,” said the new Irish champion.


Meanwhile, Dubliner Shane Roche denied Ulster a fourth win on the trot with a count back decision over Joel Scullion, who received a public warning for holding in the second.


Scullion landed some fine rights in the third, but was clipped twice by Roche in the final three minutes of a cracking bantamweight decider.


The all-Connaught 57Kg battle of the Michelle’s went to Michelle Lynch, the Golden Gloves ace recording a 13-2 verdict over Michael Chambers to add the Irish featherweight title to her CV.


Sean McComb, a cousin of newly crowned flyweight champion Gavin McComb, denied the Immaculata BC two-in-a-row with an impressive decision over JD Meli.


The Holy Trinity BC prospect, a tall and rangy southpaw, opened up a 5-2 lead and stretched that advantage to 8-4 by the end of the third. Meli, to his credit, kept winging in shots in the final




However, McComb showed some excellent footwork to extract himself from a few “hairy” situations en route to winning his fourth Irish title. Meantime, Emma Agnew was celebrating a high-five after recording an inside the distance victory over Laura Connolly-Murphy to claim her 5th Irish crown.


Mark O’Hara – with the Holy Trinity BC’s second win of the night – finished on top of the men’s 60Kg podium at the expense of James Tennyson. O’Hara made the judges minds up for them with some


fine right hand shots throughout this bout to seal a 20-11 verdict.

Martin Wall, meantime, was one point ahead at the end of each round and at the final bell of a high-tempo 67Kg duel with Waterford’s Ronan Date.


Emmet Brennan made it two wins in-a-row for the Cortinthian BC after Liam Green was retired by his corner in round three.


Ciara Doyle also impressive this evening, the Gorey BC prospect posting an18-5 decision over Lisa Ward, while Conrad Cummings completed the treble for the Holy Trinity BC with a 20-9 victory over Chris Blaney, Blaney taking a count after dropping to one knee from a body shot in round three.


Cummings, who was beaten by Blaney in the 2010 U/21 Championships, said he was absolutely thrilled with the win and to have completed the three in-a-row for his club.


Meanwhile, Gary Sweeney, a silver medal winner for Ireland at the 2011 European Youth Championships, was beaten by Ciaran O’Griofa in an explosive 85Kg clash, Sweeney receiving a public warning for a low blow in the first round of an all-Conemara duel.

O’Griofa, who was 6-4 down at the end of the first, turned it around to lead 10-8 by the end of the second and was 13-10 up at the end of a top class contest.


Two-time Irish Elite finalist Tommy McCarthy recorded a comprehensive 32-2 win over the brave challange of Thomas Farrell.


Drimnagh BC super-heavyweight Sean Turner claimed the final title on offer with a third round stoppage of Ken Okungbowa of the Athlone BC in a power-punching 91Kg+ clash.


One minute’s silence was observed before tonight’s finals in memory of the late Mr Davy Hawkins of Belfast. Mr Hawkins, a former member of the IABA Central Council and Secretary of the Ulster Council, sadly passed away this week aged 79.


2011 National U/21 Championships National Stadium Dublin


Finals (7pm) October 28th


48Kg: Blaine Dobbins (St Jospehs) beat TJ Waite (Cairn Lodge) 16-11


51Kg: Michelle Jannick (Cavan) beat Jade Corcoran (Crumlin) 18-13


51Kg: Gavin McComb (Immaculata) beat Hugh Myres (Ryston) 15-14


54Kg: Graine Garvey (Dealgan) W/O


54Kg: Shane Roche (Corinthinas) beat Joel Scullion (All Saints) 17-17 c/b 88-84


57Kg: Michelle Lynch (Golden Gloves) beat Michelle Chambers (Castlebar) 13-2


57Kg: Sean McComb (Holy Trinity) beat JD Meli (Immaculata) 12-7


60kg: Emma Agnew (Dealgan) beat Laura Connolly Murphy (St Johns) RSC2


60Kg: Mark O’Hara (Holy Trinity beat James Tennyson (St Pauls) 20-11


64Kg: Sarah Close (Holy Family) W/O


64Kg: Eamon Magee (Immaculata) W/O


69Kg: Clare Grace (Callan) W/O


67Kg: Martin Wall (Crumlin) beat Rohan Date (St Pauls) 10-9


71Kg: Emmet Brennan (Corinthians) beat Liam Green (Ballincarrow) RET3


75Kg: Ciara Doyle (Gorey) beat Lisa Ward (St Mary’s) 18-5


75Kg: Conrad Cummings (Holy Trinity) beat Chris Blaney (Navan) 20-9


81Kg: Davey Joe Joyce (Ballincargy) W/O


85Kg: Ciaran O’Griofa (Connemara) beat Gary Sweeney (Mike Flaherty) 13-10


91Kg: Thomas McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett) beat Thomas Farrell (Golden Cobra) 32-2


91Kg+: Sean Turner (Drimnagh) beat Kenneth Okungbowa (Athlone BC) RSC3


S/Finals October 21st


51kg: Hugh Myres (Ryston) beat Myles Casey (OLOL) 11-7


51Kg: Gavin McComb (|Immaculata) beat Colin McKay (St Pauls) 12-9


54Kg: Joel Scullion (All Saints) beat Barry Walsh (St Colmans) 20-9


54Kg: Shane Roche (Corinthians) beat Patrick Nevin (Ryston) 13-10


57Kg: Sean McComb (Holy Trinity) beat Jamie Long (Sunnyside) 20-4


57Kg: JD Meli (Immaculata) beat Michael Stephens (Drimnagh) 9-7


60Kg: Mark O’Hara (Holy Trinity) beat James Fryers (Immaculata) 13-9


60Kg; James Tennyson (St Pauls) beat Peter Keenan (Loughmahon) 16-12


64Kg: Eamon Magee (Immaculata) beat Patrick Cawley (Baldoyle) W/O


64Kg: Marc McLoughlin (St Marys) beat Stephen Carroll (Drimnagh) 11-10


67Kg: Martin Wall (Crumlin) beat Oisin Fahy (Tobar Pheadair) 31-11


67Kg: Rohan Date (St Pauls) beat Conor Duffy (Bracken) RSC3


71kg: Emmet Brennan (Corinthians) beat Christy Joyce 15-13


71kg: Liam Green (Ballincarrow) beat Darragh Mullan (St Canices) RSC1


75Kg: Conrad Cummings (Holy Trinity) beat Michael Reilly (Holy Family) 18-9


75Kg: Chris Blaney (Navan) beat Bernard Roe (Dublin Docklands)12-8


81Kg: Patrick McDonagh (Dealgan) beat Brendan Butler (Ballinrobe) 10-10 c/b 60-52


81Kg: Davey Joe Joyce (Ballinacaragy) beat JP Delaney (Immaculata) 7-5


85Kg: Ciaran O’Griofa (Conamara) beat Leon Dunne (Tullamore) RET3


85Kg: Gary Sweeney (Mike Flaherty) beat Christy Joyce (St Michaels Athy) 9-8


91Kg: Thomas Farrell (Golden Cobra) beat Jack Morrissey (Sacre Coeur)


91Kg: Thomas McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett) beat Sean McGlinchey (St Marys) 16-8


Quarter-finals October 15th


51Kg: Colin McKay (St Pauls) beat Jonathan McCabe (Holy Family) W/O


54Kg: Patrick Nevin (Ryston) beat Dean McComb (Immaculata) 12-10


54Kg: Shane Roche (Corinthians) beat Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) 27-15


57Kg: Jamie Long (Sunnyside) beat Jason Kirwan (The Ballagh) 15-5


57Kg: Sean McComb (Holy Trinity) beat Prince Silwea (Bracken) RSC3


57Kg: Michael Stephens (Drimnagh) beat Christopher Nevin (Holy Family) 11-11 c/b 49/46


57Kg: JD Meli (Immaculata) beat Derek Potter (Cairn Lodge) 11-5


60Kg: Mark O’Hara (Holy Family) beat Patrick Linehan (Golden Cobra) 20 -12


60Kg: James Fryers (Immaculata) beat Jason Conroy (Crumlin) 15-9


60Kg: James Tennyson (St Pauls) beat Alan O’Connor (Palmerstown) 15-6


60Kg: Peter Keenan (Loughmahon) beat Michael McGarry (St Bronaghs) 16-3


64Kg:Patrick Cawley (Baldoyle) beat Stephen Myres (St Michael’s Athy) 4-3


64Kg:Eamon Magee (Immaculata) beat James McDowell (Sean McDermot) RSC3


64Kg:Stephen Carroll (Drimnagh) beat Declan Quinn (St Colman’s) 10-6


64Kg:Mark McLoughlan (St Mary’s) beat Stephen Murphy (Fr Horgans) 16-7


67Kg:Oisin Fahy (Tobar Pheadair) beat Karl Kinga (Moutn Tallant) 10-8


67Kg:Martin Wall (Crumlin) beat Martin Doran (Drimnagh) RSC2


67Kg:Rohan Date (St Pauls) beat Darragh Finn (Claremorris) RSC2


67Kg:Conor Duffy (Bracken) beat Jamie Kennedy (Toome) 19-9


71Kg:Christy Joyce (St Michael’s Athy) beat Barry Fitzgerald (Crumlin) RSC2


71Kg:Emmet Brennan (Coronthians) beat Andrew Begley (Crumlin) RSC2


71Kg:Liam Green (Ballinacarrow) beat Martin Stokes (Drimnagh) RSC3


71Kg:Darragh Mullan (St Canices) beat Niall O’Connor (The Borough) 11-11 c/b 58-56


75Kg:Conrad Cummings (Holy Trinity) beat John Tighe (Ballincarrow) 13-4


75Kg:Michael Reilly (Holy Family) beat Kyle Roche (St Michael’s Athy) 16-9


75Kg:Bernard Roe (Dublin Docklands) beat Patrick Ward (Gurteen) 6-4


75Kg: Chris Blaney (Navan) beat Eamon Tighe (Ballincarrow) 11-11 c/b 60/53


Preliminaries October 14th


57Kg: Michelle Lynch (Golden Gloves) beat Maria Faney (Ballincarrow) 21-2


57Kg: Derek Potter (Cairn Lodge) beat Paul Kepple (Ballyduff) 15-9


57Kg: JD Meli (Immaculata) beat Gerard Matthews (St Pauls) 13-9


64Kg: Stephen Carroll (Drimnagh) beat Daryl Fitzgerald (St Pauls) 20-9


64Kg: David Murphy (Fr Horgans) beat Vincent Esler (All Saints) 16-12


64Kg: Mark McLoughlin (St Mary’s) beat Gearoid Ward (Sean McDermot) 18-0


75Kg: Chris Blaney (Navan) beat Shane Egan (Bracken) 25-9




81Kg JP Delaney (Immaculata) beat Stephen Lawrence (Holy Family) 22-4


81Kg: Davey Joe Joyce (Ballynacargy) beat John Corcoran (Crumlin) 13-6


91Kg: Sean McGlinchey (St Mary’s) beat Patrick Ward (St Pats Tribes) 9-7


91Kg: Tommy McCarthy (Oliver Plunkett) beat Michael McDonagh (Dealgan) W/O


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