Napoli Prospects in New Season

The future prospects of the team causes serious controversies among the fans. So, some of them are excited about the new coach Carlo Ancelotti and believe that he will lead the team to success. Others are sure that the club will drop to the last positions of the Champions League standings.

In order to understand how interesting live football score will be in the next season, it is worth considering the transfers that the new coach has made. Now it’s easy to follow the new successes of the team.

Main Lineup Changes

Many sports analysts predicted that the appointment of Ancelotti would help the club get new players of higher status thanks of the famous new mentor.

For this reason, at the beginning of summer a lot of rumors arose, according to which the lineup was about to be replenished by such famous players as Vidal, Cavani, Leno, and Luis. However, the real state of things did not justify fans’ expectations.

Instead of spending money on transfers of famous players, the club chose to make a profit. So, it added about 20 million Euros to its budget. Napoli made the profit by selling the following players:

  •        Jorginho;
  •        Zapata;
  •        Pavoletti.

It’s difficult to name a spectacular moves among the club’s acquisitions. So, the team got Fabian Ruiz, a midfielder. In addition, Napoli also acquired the defender Kevin Malcuit. The team welcomed three goalkeepers, but they are all loaned.

        Consequences of Decisions

This policy of a new coach causes a lot of doubts not only among football analysts, but also among the fans of the club. Many believe that the new coach missed a lot of advantageous opportunities that would allow him to significantly improve the lineup of the team.

For this reason, the League forecasters give Napoli only the fifth place. Perhaps, the new coach is confident about his power and team’s potential, so he preferred not to make significant changes to its lineup. Ancelotti’s coaching talent is undeniable, that’s why many people are curiously looking forward to the success of the players who have received the new leader.

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