7 Best Boxing Writers To Follow Today

For typical sports enthusiasts, social media platforms have opened up so many opportunities and advantages. Due to social media’s invention and evolution, both fans and athletes are ultimately able to connect in a unique way-something that was otherwise not possible. Courtesy of the various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, we can now effectively keep track of what’s unfolding in the world of boxing, and better yet, even interact freely with some of the top athletes. 

Boxing as an industry has established numerous boxing journalists on various social media platforms, rendering it possible for us to get access to important events and news immediately. It is now much easier to follow both the athletes as well as sports. Nonetheless, to delight in these benefits, you must know exactly who you should follow.  

So, who are the best boxing writers who you should follow? Here are seven writers worth checking out.

  1. Steve Bunce

Bunce is arguably among the most popular and active British boxing writers around. When Conor McGreggor, a pro-boxing debutant, put up a worthy challenge on the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, Steve Bunce’s writings received massive readability on behalf of the global boxing audience.

Ideally, Bunce is much more than a typical spokesperson within the world of boxing. Among others, he vicariously speaks on the most promising boxers and the most significant boxing events, ever backing his writings with undeniable facts and truths.  

  1. Lennox Lewis

For anyone that keeps tabs with the boxing world, Lennox Lewis is a name you surely must have heard. Since retiring, he has become an active Twitter user. In fact, besides just boxing, he writes about nearly all forms of sports.

If you were a fan of this former world champion, you would love reading his bold call outs for all the haters who proclaim that he was only lucky to achieve such feat in his career. Nonetheless, Lewis writes his calls out with class and dignity and states everything as it is, boldly and truthfully.

  1. Stephen Espinoza

Espinoza is a living testimony that innovation and writing skills can be found virtually anywhere. If you did not know him before, you probably have an idea of who he is after he made headlines by assisting Showtime in beating famous boxing legend, Mayweather. With this victory, he transformed the whole boxing landscape. 

Although he is now a popular boxing writer, Espinoza was formerly Golden Boy Promotions’ lead lawyer. After HBO ditched Golden Boy Promotions some time back, he switched his allegiance and became a partner in the rival company. 

Now, he is a network executive in addition to being the highly engaging writer we now know him as. Due to his direct approach and entertaining nature, it can be quite the thrill following his Twitter rant and rave with various rival promoters. 

  1. Norm Frauenheim

Finally, Fraunheim is another notable boxing writer worth checking out. He ranks among the most excellent boxing writers around, and according to one writing custom service excpert, his journalistic exploits led him to receive the writers association-associated Excellence Award in the field of Boxing Journalism a few years back. 

Before, he worked at the Arizona Republic for more than 30 years. However, he is a regular contributor for Ring Online, in addition to working for a popular site, 15Rounds.

In his career, he covered all types of boxing matches and events, became the beat writer for Phoenix Sun (NBA team), and also reported on many Olympic events. 

  1. Dan Rafael

He is a boxing journalist on the popular sports channel ESPN. Rafael is known for always bringing the most reliable and latest news as it unfolds in the boxing realm. Basically, he covers the significant events and fights and offers readers a unique, real-time insight of the action as it unfolds in the ring.

In case you decide to start following him, don’t be surprised if you find yourself checking any numerous live scorecards in addition to witnessing his incessant warfare with WBC. 

  1. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous names in sports entertainment. Besides being an undefeated world boxing champion, he is also among the most popular writers on social media. Mostly, he utilizes these platforms to share his fortune and luck with both his fans and haters. In fact, he was named among the ‘Best Twitter feeds people need to follow’ by Time magazine. 

With Floyd Mayweather, there is much you can expect, including grand betting slips, tons of selfies, updated news on his fights, as well as funny trolls of Manny Pacquiao, his biggest and longest rival.  

Such is his spontaneity when it comes to writing that Canadian Edubirdie writer and big boxing fan, Jackie Potter, deem him the most surprising and most unexpected boxing writer on Twitter.

  1. Carlos Acevedo

Another popular name in the world of boxing writing is Carlos Acevedo, who has been an Undisputed Champions Network company writer for more than half a decade. Currently, not only does he regularly contribute to ‘The Square Jungle,’ but he is also an editor for ‘The Cruelest Sport.’

He has so many contributions in the world of boxing, including recaps, boxing news; fight previews, and pieces on several of the finest boxers to ever grace the sport like Muhammad Ali, among others.


Don’t miss the chance to link up with individuals you idolize. This list of boxing writers represents not only the most popular but also the best in their field, and you should, therefore, expect to see many of them in your search for boxing writers.

Ideally, these names are stars among boxing fans across the globe, and by following them, you will remain informed on virtually anything and everything that is unfolding in the world of boxing.

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