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MEDAL ALERT – Defiant Kyla Doyle Battles Her Way onto European Youth Podium

A defiant Kyla Doyle wasn’t going to be denied a European Medal in Croatia today.

The Whitechurch welterweight put in a real display of guts to overcome setbacks and eventually secure European glory.

The Doyle dominated the majority of the three rounds against a very game Dilara Sak of Turkey but was on tenterhooks when the scorecard was being read out due to the fact she had twice been deducted a point in an all-action affair.

Much to her credit, the young Dub didn’t sulk upon being docked in the first and the second, indeed it seemed to spur her on.

Faced with a heartbreaking defeat in a fight she was winning Doyle emptied the tank to ensure a European Youth bronze at the very least. She scored two standing eights, won round 10-8 and only the sheer bravery of Sak prevented the Irish fighter from getting a stoppage.

The 4-1 win means Ireland now have two European Youth medals secured, as Ava Henry claimed bronze at the very least earlier in the day.

Doyle was an aggressive counterpuncher in the first and her accuracy and power seemed to be causing a game Sak trouble.

However, two warnings for use of the forearm took her out of her rhythm and eventually resulted in a points deduction.

The Dubliner did manage to take the round of four of the judges scorecards but the deduction meant she went into the second behind.

Not to be denied the fighter, who won her Irish title via two first-round stoppages, came out firing. The aggressive approach led to her scoring a standing eight but it also led to another points deduction.

She won the round across the board, and indeed took two 10-8 on the cards, but again the points deduction meant the Whitechurch fighter needed a big final round – and she delivered.

She began to lash in massive uppercuts, which the Turk did amazingly well to take and remain standing, that were ferocious enough for the referee to force the doctor to take a look. A standing eight followed as the big puncher put everything she had into trying to get a medal.

There was tension come the result reveal but eventually Irish delight.


48kg Tiffany Spencer, Jobstown BC, Dublin

50kg Carlagh Peake, Ballyhaunis BC, Mayo.

52kg Grace Conway Dowling, Tredagh BC, Louth

54kg Nicole Kinsella, St. Mary’s BC, NR, Wexford

63kg Ava Henry, Dublin Docklands BC.

66kg Kyla Doyle Byrne, Whitechurch BC, Dublin

48kg Scott Thompson, Spartans BC, Antrim

51kg Jamie Collins, Drimnagh BC, Dublin

54kg Kai Ducque, Avona BC, Dublin

57kg Martin McDonagh, Avona BC, Dublin.

60kg Jack Johnson, Marble City BC, Kilkenny

63.5kg Ryan Jenkins, Olympic BC, Westmeath

67kg Ryan Connolly, Setanta BC, Kildare.

71kg Tadhg O’Donnell, Four Kings BC, Wicklow.

92+kg Adam Olaniyan, Jobstown BC, Dublin.

Team Manager: Anna Moore

Coach: Liam Cunningham

Coach: Amanda Spencer

Coach: Garry Kehoe

Coach: Ralph McKay

R&J: Stephen Kelly

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Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years