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Chantelle Cameron Says She’ll Hunt Down ‘Run Away’ Katie Taylor

Chantelle Cameron says she will hunt down Katie Taylor and eventually win back all four welterweight world titles.

The Northampton native is upset plans to go straight into the trilogy have been shelved, with Taylor now looking more likely to fight Amanda Serrano in Las Vegas in June.

The only fighter to hold a pro win over the Irish star says the fighter, who dethroned her in November, is ‘running’ but claims she will keep chasing.

“The belts were grabbed off me and then she’s run. I don’t want to leave it like that. It will annoy me for the rest of my career,” Cameron told Sky Sports.

“She can’t be running away with them 140lb belts. Somehow I’m going to track her down and I’m going to fight again for my belts.”

It is understood Taylor was keen to make it back to back to back Cameron fights and felt the trilogy was a pathway to a stadium night.

However, despite booking the 3Arena for May 25, Matchroom have elected to go a different route with the trailblazing Icon.

“She’s not taking the trilogy,” comments Cameron. I feel like months have been wasted of my career now.

“The magnitude for women’s boxing would have been huge. As much as I wanted the trilogy for selfish reasons, for the fact that I want to fight for my belts, it would have been so good for women’s boxing and kept women’s boxing on the rise.”

Rumour suggests Matchroom wanted to keep the Cameron rematch for a potential late summer Stadium showdown and had concerns due to the fact she only has one more fight left on her Matchroom contract.

However, she claims she accepted an offer and at one stage felt the fight was happening in May.

“I accepted the money that was offered and in my eyes I thought it was a done deal,” she said. “I was good to go. I accepted less money, had no demands whatsoever.

“There’s massive fights out there for me, but all I want is my 140lb belts back,” she told Sky Sports. “The way that Katie won them, I can’t let them go like that. I need to get a shot at getting them belts back.

“The plan at the moment is to get me into another big fight. I’m mandatory for three of the 140lb belts,” she continued. “Put pressure on her, put her in a corner, then chase more belts.

Dublin, Ireland – November 23: Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor Final Press Conference ahead of their Undisputed Super-Lightweight World Title Fight on saturday night. 23 November 2023 Picture By Matthew Pover Matchroom Boxing Chantelle Cameron

“It would be so easy to go up to 147lbs and start fighting for belts there and then stay at 147lbs. Whereas I feel like I won’t be doing myself any justice there because I want to settle this score with Katie Taylor.

“It’s one a piece. I don’t want to go away from it and get stuck into 147lbs and let that fight go. It may be me being naïve and a little bit deluded, thinking that Katie will fight me again [but] I want to put the wrongs right.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years