McGuigan believes in McCloskey

12 April 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

The TV drama surrounding Amir Khan and Paul McCloskeys world title bout has given Dudey a great chance of becoming light welterweights leading man this Saturday night, according to Barry McGuigan. The former world featherweight champion believes the Bolton native would have been upset and distracted by the Sky Sports-Primetime sub plot that stole the headlines from the fight itself over the weekend.

Khan has been eager to claim otherwise and stressing his focus has not once diverted from McCloskey and retaining his belt this coming weekend. Irish boxing legend, McGuigan, however claims King Khan couldnt have been hidden from the television back and fort and believes the Champion could suffer serious ramification from the Sky fall out.

McGuigan, who now looks after Belfast hot prospect, Carl Frampton, who many believe will emulate McCloskey and eventually dine at the top boxing table, stressed Khans difficulty is the European champions opportunity. The Clone Cyclone holds the opinion that the SKY issues, which have cast a grey cloud over Khans homecoming and forced the Golden Boy fighter to take a pay cut have increased McCloskeys chances of causing an upset.

Can Paul McCloskey win? Absolutely. There is no way, no matter how calm Khan is or how focused he claims to be, that this back and fort and the Sky issue hasnt affected him. There is no way he could have been kept from it. All the political nonsense will have to of had an affect. It will have upset him. All that puts McCloskey in a very good position. If everything was ok in the run in there is no doubt Khan would be the favourite.

But Paul has nothing to loose and everything to gain and he has no worries going into the fight and that can be an advantage.

Mental issues aside McGuigan believes McCloskey will have to survive an early physical onslaught if he is to dethrone King Khan.

Khan is an unbelievable fast starter. He will be out of the blocks from the off. I really think if McCloskey can get over the first four rounds without suffering any serious damage he will be in with a great chance of becoming a world champion.

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