Macklin’s Gym Marbella to rebrand

Irish-owned boxing management company Macklin’s Gym Marbella have rebranded and renamed the company.

Founded by two-time European middleweight champion Matt Macklin, initially as a merely a gym in the South of Spain which has since “snowballed,” the organistion will now be known as ‘Mack The Knife Global.’

The change comes due to a dispute with major American casino chain MGM who were unhappy with the use of the same initials.

Matthew Macklin explained to IFL TV how “they wanted to get rid of everything but we’ve been back and forth for the best part of six months and we’ve agreed that we’ll keep the logo, keep the colours but obviously the initials have to change because MGM is very synonymous with their company. I think we would lose if we went to argue over likeness of a trademark.”

Stressing that nothing has changed bar the three letters, Markin outlined how “we decided to rebrand it, we kept the logo, kept the colours, but instead of being called MGM – Macklin’s Gym Management/Marbella – it’s now called MTK – Mack The Knife Promotions/Management – my old fight name. It was probably the most logical. We’re the same people that were behind MGM, it’s the same group.”

The outfit currently have operations in Marbella, Scotland, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and South Africa, with more planned in the future, and they handle the careers of numerous Irish fighters

Irish fighters currently managed by MTK:
Paddy Barnes
Jono Carroll
Jamie Conlan
Mick Conlan
Lewis Crocker
Deco Geraghty
John Hutchinson
Tyrone McCullagh
Marco McCullough
Peter McDonagh
Tyrone McKenna
Ciaran McVarnock
Alfredo Meli
Stephen Ormond
Con Sheehan
Phil Sutcliffe
Gary Sweeney
Ian Tims
Sean Turner
Pauly Upton
Anto Upton
Sonny Upton
Steven Ward

Watch Matt Macklin’s in-depth interview with IFL TV in full below:

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