Macklin v Elcock heating up

16 February 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Wayne Elcocks trainer, Paddy Lynch, has launched a scathing attack on Mad Dogs next opponent, Matthew Macklin.

Lynch guided Macklin through the early part of his career but they parted company after the latters points defeat to Andrew Facey in a bout for the vacant English light-middleweight title in November, 2003.

Birmingham Irishman Macklin, who will challenge local rival Elcock for the British middleweight title on March 14, has gone through a succession of trainers in the interim and is now fighting out of Joe Gallaghers gym in Manchester. Lynch is unsurprised that Macklin has changed cornermen with such alarming regularity.

Its the same old story. When you cant blame yourself, blame your trainer. Hes changed trainers again for this fight but you know the old saying you cant put in what God left out, the Irishman stated.

My old amateur trainer in Dublin used to say, I can only show you how to fight, you have to be able to fight yourself. Trainers dont make fighters, fighters make trainers, thats the way its always been in boxing. We know all about Macklin and what you see is what you get with him. There are no surprises.

He was beaten comprehensively for the British light-middleweight title so what business has he fighting for the middleweight title? It doesnt make any sense for him to be fighting as a middleweight because he wasnt even a big light-middleweight.

Hows he going to deal with Waynes strength and maturity? Hell get busted up and stopped.

Macklin, for his part, is promising a knockout performance next month but Lynch is paying little heed to his former protg’s proclamation.

The more Macklin gobs off the better as far as Im concerned. Hes started off saying Wayne wouldnt go four rounds with him, then it was six and the latest I heard was eight so he cant make up his mind. The more talking he does the more pressure hes putting himself under but weve got our gameplan and theres only one winner in this fight and thats Wayne.

And that is a view shared by Elcock.

Im confident that Ill beat Macklin whatever way the fight goes. My biggest strength is my boxing ability but if he wants to get into the trenches and have a war Ill beat him there too, the former world title challenger vowed.

Im exceptionally strong, Howard Eastman found that out and it surprised him and Macklin will find out as well. As long as Im switched on mentally then theres no way Ill lose this fight. Im not one for making predictions and naming rounds, Ill leave that to other people. The only thing I will promise is that I will deliver on the night, be it a points win or KO. I dont mind how I win but I can assure you that the Lonsdale belt will be staying with me.

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