Macklin ready to beat the Strum- final media work out

JUNE 16 -Jonny Stapleton

Macklin and WBA champion Felix Strum, who seems to be taking the Irish middleweight lightly

Matthew Macklin is confident he can succeed were Willie Casey, Paul McCloskey and Brian Magee failed by going global on Saturday week.

The Birmingham born Irish star believes he can defeat long reigning champion Felix Strum and finally give Irish fight fans something to celebrate.

And if he claims the WBA middleweight crown in Cologne, Germany he wants an all Ireland defence in Semple Stadium against Andy Lee.

The former European Champion has been on the verge of a international success for a number of years and is adamant he is going to grab a rare chance to lift a prestigious world crown with both gloves.

The former British champion, who wrapped up his training in Silgo born Joe Gallagher’s Manchester Gym yesterday, claims his difficulty in securing a world tilt means he appreciates it all the more.

Indeed Macklin is a man on a world title mission and he claims he will be a man possessed Saturday week.

“I am going to be like a man possessed, well a smart possessed man. The last few years I have been close to world title fights. I have been ranked five and six across the board. Waiting for my chance definitely makes me hungrier and more appreciative. I don’t want to be waiting around for another two years and I won’t let this chance pass me by,” Macklin said with a Strum DVD playing in the background.

Macklin claims that unlike his beloved Tipperary he is an underdog ahead of his Championship tilt, but seems to be relishing in the role.

Whilst coach Gallagher claimed Strum is a good world champion he intimated the German has a tendency to over look challengers and Macklin warns the fighter who held the belt for six years does so at his peril.

“Hopefully I can win this belt and Tipp will pick up the All Ireland. Tipp are probably the favourites I am the underdog, but I am a live under dog. Hopefully he is underestimating me and there are suggestions he is looking past me. I couldn’t be in better shape so I just can’t wait to get in there now. I just want to get in the ring now. I can smell it its that close. Hopefully he is at the stage were he thinks its just another defence. If he does he is going to be in for the shock of his life” the Brian Peters promoted star added.

The renowned middleweight is aware of Germany’s reputation as an impossible place for an away fighter to win but assured his destiny lies in his own power laden fists.

“Any rounds that are touch and go they will give to him. I can’t really be worrying about the decision though that is out of my hands I just have to do what I can . Hopefully it won’t be close in anyway. If I hurt him I will try and stop him.”

Macklin, who is being urged to Gallagher to be mean, moody and magnificent like former WBA belt holder Marvin Hagler for a fight that will be broadcast in Time Square, like Strum did afford himself a glance past his next challenge.

The fighter, who looked strong and confident in ten rounds of literally heated sparring yesterday, believes there are a number of mega bouts avalible to him if he buckles the WBA belt around his waist.

One such fight is an All Ireland clash with Limericks Andy Lee, who looks set to fight Brian Vera on the under card of Barker Martinez.

“I would definitely like to fight Andy Lee. That would have been a great fight for the European title imagine what is would be like for a world title. It would be a great all Irish fight. The fans would love it and I would love to have it in Thurles!. There is also Chavez and Barker and many other options and great fights. However, it is all about this fight for now.”






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