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‘Lucky to get a draw’ – Graham McCormack gives very honest assessment as title news breaks

A week is a long time in boxing, particularly if you’re Graham McCormack.

Less than seven days after it looked like ‘G Train’s’ wheels may come off the track, he is looking forward to a massive title fight.

The BBBofC have once again sanctioned a fight between the Limerick southpaw and Kieran Gethin for the vacant BBBofC super middleweight title.

It’s a fight that has fallen through twice previously but has been approved and made for Cardiff and April 27.

It means the 37-year-old goes from one of the lowest points of his storied career to being on the verge of by far the biggest win of his innings in a matter of days.

McCormack fans will express worry that Gethins has twice pulled out, but speaking to Irish-boxing.com recently coach Shaun Kelly revealed other title options are available, suggesting the draw didn’t do damage.

The Treaty County fighter was extremely down post the Recall draw and immediately after and very much in the heat of the moment was murmuring about potential retirement.

However, when giving a very honest assessment of the fight he also pointed out it’s a note he couldn’t end on.

“I boxed absolutely terrible, worst performance of my career,” he told Irish-boxing.com.

“No one to blame only myself. I wasn’t there mentally and didn’t wanna be. Il be back and that’s 100 percent everyone knows that wasn’t me but I don’t want people making excuses for me. I boxed sh*t and didn’t show up. I just couldn’t get up for it and paid the price. I was lucky to get a draw I was that bad, but I’ll redeem myself.”

Redemption could come now in a title fight and McCormack is more than pleased with the chance to put things right.

“If I was to retire after that performance what kind of lesson would I be teaching my son? I don’t want him to think if things don’t go your way you quit. Not a f*ucking hope. I’ll redeem myself in a massive way.”

Photo Credit Mark Mead


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