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Low Blows: Daniel ‘Insane’ McShane

After a couple of weeks away, Low Blows returns this evening with a bang.

Taking the test this week it’s Belfast super featherweight Dan McShane [9(3)-1(1)] who, after two years away, makes his return to the ring on April 22nd at the Devenish Complex.

Q: Hardest Trainer?
A: In the early stages of my boxing career I’d have to say I did some serious hard training. I was first at the gym and last to leave the gym. In recent times I’d have to say James Tennyson, the man is an absolute beast when it boils down to training. Watching him on the bags at the end of a 2-3 hour training session, he’s still punching at lighting speed and with serious power. I remember sparring him and he was looking to me as if he was getting tired, going red in the face, but boy was I wrong, he just kept getting stronger and faster.

Q: Biggest Moaner?
A: I must admit I’m a serious moaner these days and at the start of a training camp. My Daddy Gerard McShane always gets me up and joins me on my early morning runs but getting me up for the early runs is a different story, he has to poor a pint glass of water over me at times!

Q: Funniest?
A: The funniest has to go to Big Martin Rogan. He is forever joking and cracking jokes and, if he’s not doing that, he’s slegging someone.

Q: Biggest Ladies’ Man?
A: Biggest ladies’ man has to go to the great Tony Dunlop. The man might be getting old, but my God he loves the ladies, loves them. But I can’t blame him because, if he didnt I’d be worried.

Q: Most Intelligent?
A: The most intelligent man I’ve known in boxing was my friend Eamonn Magee who we lost on May 20th 2015. He was the only man I know that was a frighteningly good boxer as well as a frighteningly smart man. He went to uni and also went to St. Mary’s Grammar School. May you rest in peace my friend.

Q: Least Intelligent?
A: Gary O’Neill. He texts me the same message about ten times a day. He might be a bit punch drunk from his early boxing days!

Q: Hardest Puncher?
A: Hardest puncher has to be Qais Ashfaq from England who fought in Rio Olympics. He had serious power when I fought him in my early days when I fought for Ireland. He was the only boxer to daze me.

Q: Most Naturally Talented?
A: The most natural boxer I know is Anthony Cacace. That man has serious talent. He will be world champion and hopefully British champion soon by the looks of it.

Q: Cheapest?
A: I don’t know any cheap boxers, but there is one guy called Gerry Brown in St. Paul’s Boxing Club and he’s the cheapest man I know!

Q: Worst Dancer?
A: Worst dancer has to be Ralph McKay when he gets a few beers in him after the fights.

Q: Worst Dress Sense?
A: Worst dress sense has to go to Paul McCloskey. That guy wears some serious weird stuff. But other than his dress code he’s a good lad.

Q: Biggest Messer?
A: Biggest messer has to go to my good friend who we lost seven years ago, Liam McGuinness. He was forever slegging me and messing me about. What a man he was. Rest in Peace my friend.

Joe O'Neill

Reporting on Irish boxing the past five years. Work has appeared on irish-boxing.com, Boxing News, the42.ie, and local and national media. Provide live ringside updates, occasional interviews, and special features on the future of Irish boxing. email: joneill6@tcd.ie