Long promises Spike classic

30 May 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Robbie Long is predicting yet another all action and labour packed boxing shift when he challenges Gary OSullivan in a Dublin Cork battle in the National Stadium on June 25.

Long, who was involved with three sensational clashes with Anthony Fitzgerald, always comes to fight and he is sure he will be drawn into a brawl with Spike on The Battle of the Counties show.

The Tallaght tough man, who is rumoured to be putting in some major training session ahead of his second Irish title challenge, revealed he never intends on going toe to toe with his opponents, but doesnt like getting hit and responds accordingly.

I never get into these brawls on purpose believe me. I just get drawn in and I am always pitted against tough guys. Once I get hit I just switch off and plan to get my own back. I will get in against any fighter around my weight and I perform to the best of my abilities and nine times out of ten it works. Hopefully that will be the case again on June 25. Last time out against Anthony Fitzgerald I was walking onto jabs. We have been working on holding my hands higher and moving a little quicker, but if I get it we could have another war, the perennial Trench fighter explained.

Although stressing he is confident he can win his second Irish title tilt. King Long dismissed suggestions it was a case of last chance saloon. The Golden Cobra pugilist claims if he fails to claim the title in what most are predicting will be the fight of the night he will solider on.

Win loose or draw I will keep going but the plan is to win and bring the title back to Tallaght. I know Spike is a quality fighter and will have to bring my A game if I want to win.

OSullivan hasnt defended his title since he buckled the strap around his waste in 2009, but has no doubts it will remain in Cork. The big hitting middleweight, who returned to the ring after a semi enforced sabbatical against Ryan Clarke last recently, has aspirations beyond the domestic and plans to progress to the next level under the guidance of Frank Warren over the next 12 months.

I will use the fight on the Degale Groves show as part of my training. I am not over looking Robbie I know this will be a tough fight and I will prepare accordingly. It is great to be back I cant describe in words what it feels like to be back in the ring. Frank Warren has signed me to a five fight deal and hopefully over the coming year I will progress my career.

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