Fitzpatrick faces Healy

30 May 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Brendan Fitzpatrick takes a massive step up in rounds and class when he takes on the experienced Ciaran Healy in an eight stanza contest on the Battle of the Counties June 25 show.

However, Jim Rocks protg isnt worried about the quick career upgrade stressing if people like four weight Irish champ, Rock and 2009 Irish trainer of the John Breen believe he is ready he must be. Fitzpatrick takes on five time Irish title challenger and two weight Irish champion, Healy in a non title fight after just three pro bows.

The experienced light heavyweight strap holder will certainly prove a stiff test for the fight novice. The Belfast 35 year old is very experience and renowned as tough pro, but Fitzpatrick remains undeterred and is confident of victory.

It is a big step but I feel like I am ready for Ciaran Healy. You cant just keep fighting 4 and six rounders you have to step up at some stage. I do as Jim and the lads in Breens gyms tell me. If they didnt think I was ready for it they wouldnt have matched me with Ciaran. They have seen it all and they think I am ready for the step up in class and rounds. I am training hard and I am fit enough to face him tomorrow. I did have some issue breathing trough my nose and we are waiting to see a specialist, but it wont hamper my performance. My last performance was poor and I am looking to make amends this time round.

The Pink Panther and Breen are not the only ones who believe the Dubliner is ready for the experienced pro.

Irish cruiserweight champion Ian Tims, who fights in a four round contest on the National Stadium hosted show has been sharing the sparring ring with Fitzpatrick and believes he is ready to progress.

“Brendan is well able for that step up,” Tims said at the Metro hosted press conference. “I believe a lot of that is in the mind. If you train for more rounds you should be able to do more rounds. I have been sparring him for six and eight rounds and he is doing well. I am a lot stronger than Ciaran Healy and I know from our session Brendan can beat him.

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