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LIVE UPDATES: Irish Boxing in Belgium & Luxembourg

Sit back and get ready, it’s Irish boxing all day today with TEN fighters in action in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Irish small hall scene may have been decimated due to the pandemic but those that populate it have worked hard to progress and survive in any way they can.

So, we are reporting live, remotely, from Charleroi and Dudelange this afternoon as Irish fighters keep busy and get active – with a few interesting scraps in there too.

The Irish boxers in action are: Craig O’Brien, Owen O’Neill, Rhys Moran, Jamie Morrissey, Niall O’Connor, Kevin Cronin, Niall Kennedy, Dominic Donegan, Ray Moylette, and Katelynn Phelan.

Further details on fight times, running orders, and how to buy the pay-per-view streams can be found HERE.

Live round-by-round updates will appear below as the bell rings:

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7:32pm – Phew, that’s it from me today. Thanks for reading and well done to the ten fighters in action. Plenty to talk about!

7:27pm – O’Brien gets the win! It’s a split decision – 59-56 and 58-57 in his favour against a 58-56.

Round 6 – An exciting final stanza saw Przewieslik come out firing but a tired O’Brien fought back, again landing a sensational uppercut which perhaps energised him slightly. Landing well from distance, O’Brien saw out the fight as we went to the cards.

Round 5 – Initially it appeared that O’Brien was beginning to stamp his authority on the bout, rattling the combos, but a shot to the solar plexus from Przewieslik took the wind out of his sails momentarily.

Round 4 – They trade to start the round before O’Brien gets back to the outside. The uppercuts of O’Brien are real round-winners but wariness is perhaps warranted, with activity and pressure being especially rewarded today in Belgium.

Round 3 – O’Brien is slipping through some nice uppercuts as Przewieslik comes forward but he is getting caught himself on the way out. Good, competitive fight.

Round 1 and 2 – Few stream issues here but we’re back and O’Brien is being made to work by the game Daniel Przewieslik who gave him six solid rounds back in 2017. That said, the Irish light middleweight champion is still too sharp.

6:39pm – Just the one fight of Irish interest left this evening – Craig O’Brien v Daniel Przewieslik in Belgium in about 15 minutes time.

6:36pm – Going to the cards, it’s confirmed. Katelynn Phelan is your winner and now sits at 5(1)-0.

Round 8 – Once more, Phelan seemingly has Kopinska ready to go a number of times but the Polish puncher sees the final bell. Total dominance.

Round 7 – The bloodied Kopinska is digging deep – and had a moment’s rest to have her nose wiped. This is all very impressive from Phelan who looks as fresh as she did in the opening round.

Round 6 – It was Phelan’s first time going this deep into a fight but she showed no signs of slowing, having Kopinska stung once more against the ropes.

Round 5 – Entering the second half of the bout, Phelan hurt Kopinska to the body but the experienced Pole was able to make it through – and through a similar moment of worry in the closing exchanges.

Round 4 – Phelan looked to switch upstairs in the fourth as Kopinska remained crafty.

Round 3 – A potential banana-skin was turning out to be anything but as Kopinska had already moved into survival mode as Phelan hunted and pounded the body.

Round 2 – The Kildare fighter’s team have spoken of her power and, as she continues to move down it weight, it is becoming increasingly evident. Bodyshots at the start of the second visibly hurt Kopinska even through a grainy stream and she continually backed the veteran to the ropes.- Phelan is in the shape of her career and punching with real authority against the experienced Pole. Great start.

Round 1 – Phelan is in the shape of her career and punching with real authority against the exeperienced Pole. Great start.

6:09pm – No time to dwell on it though – the main woman Katelynn Phelan is up now versus Karina Kopinska over eight.

6:05pm – And it’s a shocker! Win for Milos Janjanin on the scorecard. Boxing Ireland Promotions boss Gunning does NOT agree with that.

Round 6 (Lux) – It’s tough for Donegan but he shows some nice moments of boxing that should reflect on the scorecards – scorecards which appear to be coming now. This was advertised as an eight rounder but it looks to be over!

Round 5 (Lux) – It was more competitive than expected but the slashing right hands of Donegan were eye-catching – hopefully moreso than Janjanin’s constant pressure. That said, as the round wore on, Donegan was able to take the sting out of the Bosnian’s work.

Round 4 (Lux) – It’s a quick start from the Bosnian who lands some meaty bodyshots in what is his best round so far. While Donegan mightn’t be in ‘trouble’, it would appear he has work to do going into the second half of the fight.

Round 3 (Lux) – Donegan has taken over but and looks to assert some dominance while Janjanin shells up.

5:48pm – Going to the cards a split decision was called – giving everyone a fright – but O’Connor was eventually confirmed a deserved winner and improves to 6(4)-0.

Round 6 (Bel) – It’s open in the final round here and O’Connor lands some huge shots but Turco’s chin can’t be cracked. A bodyshot does make a dent in the closing seconds but we go the distance. Perfect return for O’Connor.

Round 2 (Lux) – Donegan is targeting the body well here as the Bosnian corner shout their man on. He’s here to win but the better stuff is coming from the Drumgoon soldier.

Round 5 (Bel) – O’Connor is really picking his shots here with a left hook and a right uppercut jolting the head of the local. Can he force a stoppage.

Round 1 (Lux) – This one’s set for eight, Donegan’s first time over the distance, so it’s not surprising that it’s a steady start from the Cavan boxer. Janjanin appears up for it and is forcing Donegan to the ropes but there’s a long way to go.

Round 4 (Bel) – The pace has slowed in Charleroi as the pair goad each other, looking for openings. O’Connor is taking more and more control and lands a big right hand but Turco is far from finished.

5:34pm – Meanwhile, in Luxembourg, Dominic Donegan is walking to the ring for his fight with Milos Janjanin.

Round 3 – This is a well-matched fight. O’Connor getting the better of it – and his body punching may pay off in the second half – but he is having to take a fair few and is being made to think about every shot he throws.

Round 2 – Some huge bodywork from O’Connor in the second – and a big overhand right. The two’s heads come together a number of times and the Irishman has begun to bleed but he continues to do well from mid-range.

Round 1 – Looking like Luke Kelly, Niall O’Connor comes firing out, landing some very sharp shots. Turco has come to fight and is swinging back in response but the tight O’Connor bodyshots look to be doing damage. Good round of boxing.

5:20pm – At last! It’s Niall O’Connor time!

5:00pm It’s been a long time for Niall O’Connor but there are plenty of people in-the-know that really rate him. Let’s see how he does here in his toughest fight to date.

4:56pm – Next up would appear to be Belgium and Niall O’Connor’s very, very intriguing looking fight with former national title challenger Angelo Turco [8(3)-17(3)-2]. In Luxembourg then it will be Dominic Donegan versus Milos Janjanjin [13(11)-24(9)] in about a half an hour.

4:54pm – So, after all that, Kennedy has improved his record to 14(9)-2(2)-1, and Cronin moves to 3(2)-0. Big fight back in Boston for Niall while Kevin could do a BUI Celtic title fight with Taylor McGoldrick?

Round 3 (Lux) – Quick start from Mrkonjic but Cronin is able to wrestle back control and continue chipping away at the Bosnian, digging to the body nicely. Those bodyshots would make the journeyman keel over and Cronin put him down with a shot upstairs. Mrkonjic survived the round but appeared injured and the bout was waved off. TKO3 CRONIN!

Round 2 (Lux) – Big Boris is swinging some leather here but it’s an impressively controlled performance so far from Cronin who is bursting well with straight shots.

Round 1 (Lux) – Patient start from Cronin, meanwhile, boxing well from distance as he tries to bank rounds.

Round 3 (Bel) – Kennedy unleashing to the body, Bozinovic cowers in the corner, takes a count. He’s all over the place and he’s down again – IT’S OVER – TKO3 KENNEDY.

Round 2 (Bel) – Wait, no, it’s another Croatian, Hrvoje Bozinovic. He won’t be around much longer anyway, as Kennedy steps up the aggression in the second. Big bodyshots.

Round 1 (Bel) – Kennedy in first gear here. I think it’s Croatian veteran Igor Mihaljevic – whom Nick Campbell was due to face – that he is in with.

4:32pm – And here comes Cronin to the ring in Luxembourg – of course.

4:31pm – It’s Kennedy up now. Isn’t fighting Ferenc Zsalek. Will try get the opponent’s name. Six rounds at heavyweight, anyway.

4:18pm Kevin Cronin wants rounds tonight. Will Boris Mrkonjic [1(1)-3(2)] be able to provide them? Assuming he gets through this, the Kerry light heavy has big plans – which potentially feature Robbie Burke or Taylor McGoldrick.

4:14pm – You’d be exhausted all the same.

4:07pm – Next up in Belgium is Niall Kennedy against Ferenc Zsalek while Kevin Cronin is the next Irish boxer in action in Luxembourg. Will likely be Kennedy first. He is fighting on after deciding not to retire – and he has a pathway in mind to big fights.

4:04pm – Confirmation that O’Neill won on points. Not sure of the score but I’d be willing to bet it was ’40-36′! O’Neill moves to 5(0)-0.

Round 4 (Lux) – Ficner is rattled indeed, big shots from O’Neill have him ready to go but the Pole just about makes it through. Solid four rounds for the inexperienced Ulsterman.

Round 3 (Lux) – Left hooks and straight right hands for O’Neill, he’s on top but Ficner is keeping him honest. Can he force the stoppage? Ficner looks ‘bolloxed’ at the break according to Leonard Gunning on comms.

Round 2 (Lux) – It’s turning into a scrap in Dudelange. O’Neill investing in the body well but Ficner looking more durable up in weight. Good work for the Cliftonville Canelo.

Round 1 (Bel) – Bodyshot from Moylette has Walas down! He rises but is put straight back down with another, it’s waved off, TKO1 MOYLETTE! He wants to be back fighting in Mayo soon!

3:49pm – Moylette has a late change of opponent to Pole Adam Walas [1(1)-4(4)] whom he should put away in double-quick time to end his two-year break from the ring.

Round 1 (Lux) – O’Neill has Ficner down with his first punch but no count is given. Madness in Luxembourg. There’s a bit of a rush of blood to O’Neill’s red head but he soon gets back behind the jab. Meanwhile, Ray Moylette is walking to the ring in Belgium.

3:44pm – Straight into Owen O’Neill v Marcin Ficner now. It’s all go! Four rounds at light welterweight. Ficner has been stopped thrice by Irish boxers before but can the inexperienced Belfast boxer do the same?

3:43pm – The fight is over but there’s drama. Zilic’s corner are claiming the cut came from an elbow while the Boxing Ireland team scream ‘punch!’ After a couple of minutes of worry, it’s eventually confirmed, technical knockout win for Jamie Morrissey!

Round 1 – Morrissey is a giant and is taking thing patiently, one-two, one-two. Zilic cut badly and there is a pause – looks like the referee is going to stop it, danger of a No Contest, confusion, we start again. Zilic throwing leather now, knows it’s likely to be called off at the break. Morrissey is able to weather things and is really pouring on the pressure up against the ropes. Zilic having trouble seeing but fires back!

3:32pm – Jamie Morrissey is in the ring! Four rounds at super middleweight. Pro debut.

3:18pm – Quiet time at the minute. Assuming Morrissey hasn’t taken to the ring yet. Meantime, check out our pre-fight interview with Owen O’Neill who will be in the ring in Luxembourg right after Morrissey

3:10pm – Boxing Ireland boss Leonard Gunning will be on the camera in Dudelange. Hoping for some lilting Sligo commentary too.

3:05pm – Bit of a gap now until Ray Moylette after 4:00pm. Jamie Morrissey and Owen O’Neill haven’t fought in Luxembourg just yet. Morrissey up in the next couple of minutes.

3:00pm – More bad news – this time from Luxembourg. The official stream will not be working. We will post the five results for Irish boxers when we have them – and the Boxing Ireland Promotions Facebook page will attempt to stream the bouts, internet depending.

2:58pm – Moran, still just 22, drops to 1(0)-1(0) after that barnstormer. Nothing from that bout to suggest that he couldn’t win a rematch, showed quality in spurts, but couldn’t deal well enough with the aggression of Loniewski.

2:57pm – We go to the cards, both think they have it but it’s an upset – Michal Loniewski gets it! 39-37 on all three cards.

Round 4 – The pace is gone out of this fight with both looking tired. The better boxing is coming from Moran but Loniewski has been busier in this final stanza. Will be tight on the cards!

Round 3 – Loniewski continuing to put the pressure on but Moran is probably picking enough nice punches off the ropes to keep his nose in front. Far from sure though, will need to continue his good work into the fourth.

Round 2 – Moran trying to keep it as simple as possible, straight shots, one-two. Loniewski looking to brawl and has shook Moran with a couple of hooks but it’s a better round for the Irish prospect. A shot after the bell gives Loniewski a stern warning but no deduction.

Round 1 – Loniewski lands a big right hand bomb right from the off and quickly lands another. Southpaw Moran looks to get on the jab but the Pole is looking dangerous with every shot he throws. The Waterford youngster is digging in though – he’s going to have to work hard for the win here.

2:39pm – Meanwhile, in Luxembourg, we are informed that they are having internet issues. Hopefully they will be resolved soon. Moran-Loniewski about to start now.

2:38pm – Spike O’Sullivan on commentary. Man of many talents.

2:37pm – Rhys Moran is coming to the ring now for his second professional fight. Michal Loniewski over four rounds at light heavyweight.

2:29pmThe Belgian stream is working!

2:28pm – Moran is in against Pole Michal Loniewski who is a replacement for Krzystof Stawiarski who we know is a solid guy. Loniewski [0-1(1)] may be too, with his only outing so far having been against a decent Cuban. We will see. Regardless, it’s most important that Moran is out at all having been unable to build on his debut last February.

2:27pm – Jamie Morrissey hasn’t taken to the ring yet, don’t worry.

2:20pm – As we’ve two different cards on the go at the same time, the running orders may clash. Hopefully it won’t be too bad but right away it looks like Morrissey’s fight will be ongoing when Rhys Moran comes to the ring in Belgium – and Moran will still be in when Owen O’Neill is up in Luxembourg. I need an assistant – and a working stream.

2:15pm – We have been informed that the Luxembourg show is running slightly late, with a handful of amateur fights taking place first. Regarding the Belgium show, others who have bought the stream appear to be experiencing the same problems as us. Fingers crossed.

2:12pm – First up, at 2:20pm will be Limerick super middleweight Jamie Morrissey. The debutant faces Bosnian veteran Adnan Zilic [14(13)-48(31)] over four rounds on the Luxembourg card. Coming from a Muay Thai background, Morrissey has a great story and we have interviews with him from when he turned pro and from during fight week.

2:07pm – The stream in Luxembourg does not seem to have started yet while my credentials are not being accepted by the Belgians. Great start.

1:55pm – We are live. It’s Joe O’Neill in the hotseat today and I’ll be talking you through all ten fights involving Irish boxers this afternoon and evening. The two streams have been bought we are ready to go!

Joe O'Neill

Reporting on Irish boxing the past five years. Work has appeared on irish-boxing.com, Boxing News, the42.ie, and local and national media. Provide live ringside updates, occasional interviews, and special features on the future of Irish boxing. email: joneill6@tcd.ie