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LIVE UPDATES – Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylor 2 Undercard

Big-time boxing returns to Dublin for the second time in six months tonight at the 3Arena

Katie Taylor tops a heavily Irish-influenced card on the Docks as she looks to avenge her May defeat to English wrecking ball Chantelle Cameron and Irish-boxing.com will be providing live reports from each and every fight.

There are big fights for Gary Cully, Paddy Donovan, and Thomas Carty as well as domestic title bouts for Jamie Morrissey and Liam Gaynor against Emmet Brennan and John Cooney respectively.

Boxing is scheduled to begin at 4:10 and we will be providing fight-by-fight updates as well as a full-colour report on the main event.

Refresh page to see live updates below:

10:08pm: Gary Cully gets it! Scorecards of 97-93, 96-93, 93-97 for a well-deserved, hard-fought win. Not sure about the 97-93 card for Mould but he did bring a lot of aggression. Good win for Cully who will have exorcised a lot of demons there.

Round 10: It really opens up in the final session. A huge right hand from Mould lands right on the chin of Cully but he stands up to it and lands plenty of his own. Important fight for ‘The Diva’ who goes the distance.

Round 9: Another solid, if somewhat quiet, round for Gary Cully who moves into the ninth for the first time. An important night for him, needs to stay switched on now.

Round 8: Cully takes back control at the start of the eighth but the aggression of Mould starts to pay dividends in the final minute as he lands some scoring shots that put the round up for debate.

Round 7: Better round for the resurgent Mould as Cully’s legs appear to slow. The Naas boxer is bleeding from the mouth. Could be an interesting final few stanzas.

Round 6: Cully very much on the front foot now and starting to take a real stranglehold on this fight, peppering Mould with shots from all angles.

Round 5: Good bodyshots from Cully in the fifth as this fights starts to be contested at closer quarters.

Round 4: Big round for Gary Cully who makes his breakthrough and hurts Mould with a flurry of shots both upstairs and down. The Yorkshireman shakes his head but he felt them.

Round 3: Cully understandably less gung-ho than we’ve seen him before but still sneaking in some nice short shots in the second half of the third. There is an air of nervousness in the crowd though, it must be said.

Round 2: A pair of right hands from Mould land near the end of the second which seem to momentarily stop Cully in his tracks. The Kildare southpaw had been in control from the outside up until that point.

Round 1: Cagey first round, Cully potshotting from distance while Mould looks to leap in with bombs and test the Irishman’s chin.

9:19pm: Time for redemption. Gary Cully v Reece Mould up next.

9:09pm: What a reaction for Paddy Donovan. Eddie Hearn seems in love.

9:05pm: That is a legitimately very good win for Paddy Donovan over the English champion whose only previous loss, a sixth-round stoppage, was to Ekow Essuman. The Limerick-Clare fighter improves to 12(9)-0 and will be in very serious fights, very soon.

Round 4: It’s only going one way and a huge left hand sends Ball down and the visitor does well to beat the count. Donovan throws dozens of shots upstairs but it is a sneaky rib-breaker that puts Ball down again, writhing in pain, and the towel is thrown in! TKO4 Paddy Donovan.

Round 3: More good stuff from Donovan who is just such a classy operator.

Round 2: Opening up nicely in the second and Donovan is landing some beautiful counter-shots. He is just so sharp and the left hand to the body is doing damage.

Round 1: Southpaw Donovan is probing and is on top throughout much of the first but English champion Ball is dangerous and does land one particularly well-timed long right hand.

8:41pm: No breaks here, Donovan and Ball are in the ring and ready to go.

8:33pm: That win sees Carty improve to 7(6)-0. Messy at times but it will be good for him to go all the way into the eighth. Next up, Paddy Donovan v Danny Ball,

Round 8: Carty finally makes his mark, gets through Garber’s defences and bundles him down. The Reaper Man is up at 8 but he doesn’t look like he wants to continue and the bout is waved off. TKO8 THOMAS CARTY!!!

Round 7: Carty is getting quite annoyed with Garber, turning his back at the close of the round as the Yorkshireman refuses to throw punches. Can he get a stoppage in the final round?

Round 6: Unfortunate to say it but this fight is a bit of a stinker with Garber looking to tie up constantly. Carty does have some success in the final 30 and the Englishman, who has never been beyond four, looks pretty spent.

Round 5: Carty becoming more aggressive but finding it hard to land clean. MIles ahead on the scorecard, hopefully Garber will look to engage more in the final three.

Round 4: First real breakthrough for Carty who catches Garber with an overhand left and the Englishman really didn’t like that.

Round 3: Messy stuff, really. Garber offerring little and frustrating Carty who is looking to impress the large crowd.

Round 2: Still quiet enough here. Garber looking to counter-punch which is frustrating Carty, a counter-puncher himself. Hopefully more action to come soon.

Round 1: VERY cagey to start. Referee Paul McCullagh instructs the fighters to engage. Carty on the front foot but little of note landed by either boxer.

7:52pm: It’s time for time for Thomas Carty! The Dublin heavyweight faces Bradford’s Dan Garber over eight rounds. Carty walks out to Joe Dolan and the atmosphere is unreal.

6:10pm: Will be a gap now until the next Irish fighter – Thomas Carty – who is due in versus Dan Garber after 7:30pm

6:09pm: Great win for Brennan who moves to 2(1)-0 and picks up the BUI Celtic title (Irish title fight with Tommy Hyde next?). Big respect to the warrior Jamie Morrissey who drops to 5(1)-1(1)-1 but will have won many fans tonight and will be back in domestics soon.

Round 8: Brennan on the assault, he’s going for the finish, big shots on the ropes, Morrissey loses the gumshield, slight delay, boos, we’re back on, Brennan piles in, towel is thrown in by Shaun Kelly, TKO EMMET BRENNAN!

Round 7: Both fighters appeared to be in distress after the sixth but it’s straight back into a close-quarters slugfest as they go forehead to forehead. Starting to get a little bit scrappy and the cleaner shots of Brennan, pushing forward, will be the difference on referee Paul McCullagh’s scorecard.

Round 6: It’s gruelling stuff here and Brennan appears to be a little bit uncomfortable. Still landing the cleaner shots but is being roughed up by the unorthodox Treaty fighter.

Round 5: Big start to the fifth from Morrissey and Brennan is feeling some of these shots but the Dubliner weathers the storm after a minute. It’s fierce stuff but it’s the best round of the fight so far from Morrissey who is landing some nice uppercuts on the inside. First round you could confidently give to the Munsterman.

Round 4: Brennan starting to take over completely as we approach the halfway mark with Morrissey tentative. A long potshot from Morrisy at the 90-second mark was badly needed and he grows into the round but he is open as they trade.

Round 3: Cagier to start the third, Morrissey loses the gumshield which draws the ire of the Dublin crowd. Brennan is starting the turn the screw here and Morrissey is looking a bit uncertain. A big left hook in the final minute rocks Morrissey badly and Brennan goes for the finish but Morrissey is always firing back and makes it out of the round.

Round 2: A gash has opened up on the right side of Morrissey’s head. Nowhere near the eyes so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue but the shots of Brennan are, with Morrissey starting to take a bit of heat. A good uppercut from Morrissey stems the flow a little bit but the Limerick man needs to assert himself here.

Round 1: Good action to start, both landing shots. A left hook from Brennan midway through the round got Morrissey’s attention and he looked to replicate that before bringing in the overhand right towards the end of the round.

5:27pm: Loooong delay after the early stoppages but we are finally ready to go with Jamie Morrissey v Emmet Brennan for the BUI Celtic light heavyweight championship. Very early jump up for Brennan in his second fight against Morrissey, a man no stranger to taking on big fights early.

4:45pm: Big win for Cooney who moves to 9(3)-0 and wins his first professional title. Gaynor drops to 10(0)-5(1), tough night for the Dub.

Round 1: Southpaw Cooney very aggressive to start and he has Gaynor down early with a long left hand. The Kilnamanagh man is up quickly but Cooney goes in from the kill, winging hooks, buckles Gaynor’s legs and referee Paul McCullagh jumps in. TKO1 Cooney!!!

4:36pm: Here we go! John Cooney v Liam Gaynor for the BBBoC Celtic super featherweight title. Galway v Tallaght over 10 rounds. Cooney a big favourite with the bookies but Gaynor has the championship experience.

Joe O'Neill

Reporting on Irish boxing the past five years. Work has appeared on irish-boxing.com, Boxing News, the42.ie, and local and national media. Provide live ringside updates, occasional interviews, and special features on the future of Irish boxing. email: joneill6@tcd.ie