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‘Let’s see if he backs up everything he says’ – Scott Quigg promises to ‘demolish’ Jono Carroll in Manchester

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Former world champion Scott Quigg believes he will ‘demolish’ Jono Carroll come March 7th.

The pair were featured in a lively press conference last Thursday and after a back on fort online were able to verbal spar in person for the first time.

The Bury native, once a nemesis of Carl Frampton, told the watching crowd he was happy to be back fighting in Manchester and back training under Joe Gallagher.

The former world champion then told recent world title challenger Carroll that ‘he will get demolished’ when the pair trade leather in an eagerly anticipated Manchester Arena bill topper.

“It’s good to be back in Manchester in an exciting fight. I have been out the ring a long time and it has been frustrating but now I am back with Joe and really looking forward to March 7th, this is a fight that really excites me, he is going to come and try and have a go but he will get demolished. 2020 is going to be a very successful year for me,” said Quigg before suggesting Carroll wouldn’t be as aggressive as advertised.

“I want to get in the ring and if he wants to have it then great but I think he will be on his bike! We will see if he backs up everything he is saying”

“I know that I’ve still got it and can still do it. And I am improving and on March 7 all the doubters will see that there is still plenty left in the tank. I will take Jono Carroll out, get my arm raised and move on. It’s as simple as that.”

Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn spoke about the disappointment of the fight being pulled in December and labeled it a must win for both.

“I was gutted when we lost this fight in Saudi Arabia, and when we put it to them for March 7 Scott accepted and of course Jono jumped at it straight away. This is a must-win for both guys, high stakes. There’s a big card coming for March 7, some of those guys are here today and some of them are in camp already abroad.”

Jono expressed his feelings towards the first fight being canceled claiming he thought Quigg ‘bottled it’  “After Saudi got canceled I genuinely thought that Scott bottled it, I had no issues with him but I just remember thinking he better not have bottled that.”

“This is a career shift, I have always wanted to top bills and I remember being at Manchester Arena when Scott fought Kiko Martinez thinking I cannot wait until that is me and now I’m here.”

“I am delighted to be here and if you know me personally you will know this is just business. And I was more than happy to go out to Philadelphia and help Tevin Farmer after our fight and I am actually have disappointed that I won’t be there.”


Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email mccabejosh3@gmail.com