Lee in Macklin/Martinez head v heart battle

Andy Lee faces a head versus heart battle when it comes to picking a winner between Sergio Martinez and Matthew Macklin.

Macklin’s fellow Irish middleweight Andy Lee, who recorded victory over Saul Duran last weekend and hopes to secure a title shot in his next fight, wants ’Mack The Knife’ to claim victory but is leaning toward Argentine success.

Limericks Kronk’s fighter thinks the best middleweight on the planet could have too much experience and class for   Macklin. He also reiterated what Darren Barker, the last man to face Martinez. said and warned the ’Tipperary Tornado’ will have to employ guile as well as his renowned guts and glory approach to win.

“It’s going to be an intriguing fight,” Lee mused.  “My heart wants Macklin to win, because he’s a friend of mine and I’d like to see him win. Then my head says Sergio because of his pedigree and what he’s done in the past. But Sergio’s getting on in age and he didn’t look that good against Barker. This is a good test for Sergio because maybe after the Barker fight he has to prove a little bit more and show that he’s still on top and that he’s not in decline. He’s going to have to do that against Macklin who should suit him. People say stylistically Matthew Macklin suits Sergio, but Matthew Macklin can box as well. He’s not just a fighter. He can box, and I think if Matthew boxes a bit more than fights he could give Sergio some trouble. It’s going to be an interesting figh but hopefully one Mattthew Macklin wins.”



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