DiBella predicts world war 3 in the Garden on Saturday

By Jonny Stapleton

Lou DiBella claims world war 3 will erupt when Matthew Macklin squares of with Sergio Martinez in Madison Square Garden this weekend.

The New York Promoter, who looks after the careers of both fighters, not only believes the Irish middleweight doesn’t know how to be in a bad fight, he also thinks Macklin’s only chance of victory is to jump on the greatest middleweight in the world.

As a result he is predicting an entertaining brawl on St St Patricks Day.

DiBella claims ‘Mack the Knife’ is stronger and tougher than any fighter the Argentine has traded leather with and believes the pair could serve up a fight of the year contender.

Speaking to Mirror Sport at a public workout on Times Square yesterday, where both fighters looked focused and in great shape, DiBella couldn’t contain his excitement.


“You can expect world war 3, believe me this will be a great fight,”

“There is going to be a giant Irish turn out and it being on St Patricks Day Matthew will have the crowd. Matthew’s style makes for great fights and Martinez Macklin will be a brawl. I think Martinez may be the best fighter in the world right now but he has his hands full on Saturday. Matthew is the biggest, strongest and truest fighter he has faced in his career.”

“Matthew should be a world champion right now. He beat Felix Sturm even if he didn’t get the decision. He comes into this fight with supreme confidence If you box Sergio how do you beat him? You have to take chances if you don’t you loose to Sergio. Matthew’s best chance is to make this an exciting fight.”

DiBella maybe predicting war, but it seems more civil than world war, when you consider he promotes the two fighters.

The stable mates go head to head and whilst it seems a win win scenario for the promoter he claims he is torn and faces a difficult night in the Garden Saturday.


“It is win in some regard, but it is a difficult night for me. Sergio Martinez has been the number 1 fighter in my company for sometime. He is one of the most honourable, decent human beings you will ever meet in your life. He has the greatest sense of charity of any fighter I know. Matt has been my friend for years. I have great affection for both these guys. I am hoping for a great fight. May the best man win. May they both come out healthy and may they both come out viable.”

Macklin is underdog going into the fight, and whilst DiBella believes it will be a closely fought encounter he claims all Macklin has to do is put on a great show for the HBO cameras to pro long his career at the top.

“All Matthew has to do is fight a great fight and he comes out a winner. There are massive fights for him out there.  Darren Barker, Andy Lee, Kelly Pavlik and others. If Matthew wins he becomes a super star, but if he looses well he still can secure big and great fights.”

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