Lee: If it was up to me I would be still fighting in Limerick

The decision to move Andy Lee’s WBO middleweight title defence from Limerick to Manchester was not the Limerick World champions.

Lee claims if he had his way he would still be putting his title on the line against Billy Joe Saunders in Thomond Park on September 19 and stressed the decision to postpone was made by his manager and trainer Adam Booth and his opponent’s promoter Frank Warren.

Lee’s training was last week affected by a virus and his team felt to ensure he was 100 percent for the ’50/50′ clash the date needed to be pushed back. However October in an Irish Stadium wasn’t feasible so the clash was moved to Manchester and Lee and the mandatory challenger will top the World War III card in the Manchester Arena on October 10.

Speaking today (Monday) about the change in venue Lee said:

“I didn’t make the decision,” said Lee. “If it was up to me I would still be fighting in Limerick. I’d take a week or two out of training and I would have been fine to get back into it.

“But Adam and Frank made the call and, well, you’d have to ask them about it because they made the decision and as much as I protested, it was their decision. They’re the ones that are promoting it and they are the ones taking the risk financially, so it just had to be that way.

“It’s disappointing about what happened at Limerick as it meant a lot to me, but you need to be at 100 per cent for these fights. I’ve worked long and hard to get the belt and to go into a fight not being well and risk losing it was too big a chance to take,” he added before discussing his health.

“I’m still a little bit rough so I’m going to have a couple more days’ rest and then get back training at the end of the week. My mothers home cooking will help! ”


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