Wondering if you can learn boxing from home? But before you get over-motivated about boxing, you should be clear about your goals. Regardless of what you are about to start, it should always align with your goals you set at 22Bet.


Do you want to lose weight through boxing and finally get fitter? Do you want to learn boxing as a form of self-defense to protect yourself or your family if the worst comes to the worst? Or do you want to become the next Mike Tyson? The answer to this question will determine what equipment you need at home to learn boxing. Let’s assume you want to lose some weight and keep fit through boxing. Then it is often enough to do shadow boxing with your own body weight and exercises such as squats and press-ups. However, if you are planning to take part in competitions, you will need something more than just your own body weight, such as a sparring partner. Think clearly about why you want to learn boxing. Once you know your why, you can get started right away and put the tips below into practice. 


Tip 1 – Learn to box by shadow boxing

You may have seen it before. Many boxers or other martial artists punch the air. You may wonder why they do this. At least that’s what I asked myself as a beginner. Today I know that shadow boxing is anything but pointless punching in the air. It will help you to learn boxing more easily. In shadow boxing you can train your punching technique, stamina, speed, cover, footwork and reflexes or reactions. And to learn boxing, you need all of these. 

Shadow boxing has the advantage that you can theoretically do it from anywhere. All you need is your own body weight and a bit of space where you can move around easily. This could be within your own four walls, on the beach, in the office or in the great outdoors. A mirror can help you to recognize possible mistakes and correct them. If you have understood everything so far, you can now start to put the following tips into practice so that you can learn how to box. 

Tip 2 – Footwork and basic position

“Footwork is boring. When will I finally get to punch?” That’s what most beginners think in boxing. Because, at first glance, it looks as if boxing is all about punching. But I can assure you that it’s not. And because I want you to learn boxing properly from the start, I advise you to concentrate on a solid basic stance and footwork first. If you neglect your basic stance and footwork, for example, you will never be able to punch with full force and will not have a stable stance. So get to work on your legs right away! 


Before you start with the basic stance, you should know that there are two stances in boxing. These are the left and right stance. The difference between the two stances is that in the left stance you are turned slightly forward with the left side of your body and stand with your left foot in front.  In the right-hand position, it is the other way around. So how do you find out which stance is right for you? As a beginner, many boxing coaches will ask you which hand you write with. If you write with your left hand, you should box in a right-hand stance and if you write with your right hand, you should box in a left-hand stance. The trainers assume that the hand you write with is also your dominant hand. 

Once you have decided on a display, you now need to find the correct distance between your feet. To determine the correct distance, proceed as follows: 

Instructions for a left-hand delivery (a right-hand delivery does everything the other way round)

1. stand with both feet close together

2. turn the right foot outwards 

3. turn the right foot forward again

4. take another step backwards 

5. point the toes of both feet slightly upwards to the right

6. bend your knees slightly and shift the weight on your legs so that you are putting approximately equal weight on them

7. your feet should now be approximately under your shoulders

Congratulations! You are now in the basic position


It is extremely important that you also move and are not rooted to the spot like a tree. Before you take the first step, you need to know that no matter which direction you move in, you must ALWAYS end up in the starting position! So when you take a step to the left, you step with your left foot first and your right foot follows. Really make sure that your right foot is back where it was. If you want to step to the right, you step with your right foot first and your left foot follows. The same principle applies if you want to move forwards and backwards. As you move, you put more pressure on the ball of your foot. This is because you move faster in different directions.

Remember: In the direction you want to go, you also take the step with the corresponding foot first.


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