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Kevin Cronin slams “fake” Craig McCarthy

 Kevin Cronin [6(3)-1(0)-1]  warned  Craig McCarthy [10(1)-1(1)-1] he’ll get nasty if pushed.

The Kerry fighter effectively secured a shot at the Irish super middleweight title by weighing in and winning at 168lbs last weekend.

The Boxing Union of Ireland officially sanctioned a green belt bout between Cronin and BUI super middleweight champion McCarthy after the ‘Kingdom Warrior’s’ stoppage win in Cork over Santos Medrano.

Waterford favourite, McCarthy got into the ring post the victory for a pre-arranged fight selling head to head but was handed the mic and proceeded to let the Kerry faithful and Cronin know he’d be ‘winning the title’.

The WWE-style antics prompted an explicit laden response from the 27-year-old who turned from face to heel when promising McCarthy he’d ‘take your f**king head off’.

It was an unusual response by Cronin, who went through two fight build-ups with Jamie Morrissey without uttering an angry word.

However, he warns he is more than willing to ditch his usual Mr Nice Guy approach if antagonized.

“I knew he was coming in to face off but then he start walking around the ring and I said to my coaches ‘oh here’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’. I understand he was trying to hype the fight but it made it look a little bit fake,” Cronin told Irish-boxing.com.

“It was fake beef but I wasn’t been fake when I said ‘I’ll take your fcking head off’. That was me being real. If someone is there blabbering I’m going to answer back. I’m not going to chat shit otherwise.”

While the title fight with ‘Built2Last’ McCarthy is sanctioned it has yet to be officially made. Both teams need to agree terms and the fight needs to find a promotional home.

Speaking directly after his super middleweight debut, Cronin revealed he had yet to consider the where and the when for an Irish title fight. He remains open to offers and thinks it is a fight promoters would love to have on their show.

“I’m going to keep training over the next few weeks then I’ll go on holiday. We’ll see what offers come in for that fight. I think after the first two Jamie [Morrissey] fight offers will come in for me, they know I’m in exciting fights”

“You saw that in that fight, punches reigning in. If that was a domestic fight and big punches were coming back you’ve seen I’ll still stand there and trade and make it fun. We’ll see what offers come in.”


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