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Anthony Joshua has some advice for Mick Conlan

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Anthony Joshua’s 6’7″ frame isn’t the only reason Micheal Conlan looks up to the IBF heavyweight champion of the World.

The Matchroom star, who once told of his Irish roots, has lived the dream that the talented young Belfast fighter has had all his life. Joshua claimed Olympic Gold in London 2012 before going on to be a World champion.

That is the path the London 2012 bronze medalist had seen himself trekking before he was robbed in a now-infamous Rio nightmare.

Conlan has said he won’t fight again in 2016, but looks destined to turn pro in early 2017, and Joshua, who signed with Matchroom and Eddie Hearn post-London, has urged the brother of Commonwealth super fly belt holder Jamie Conlan, to take his time before deciding which pro route to take.

“With him, his decision will be made based on his experience at the Olympics, which wasn’t what he wanted. So his is going to come from an emotional place,” said Joshua.

“He’s already clear ‘I’m going pro’, which isn’t an issue, but it’s more that you have to spend time finding the same kind of team you had around you as an amateur that got him to where he is. You want to try and get that as a pro.”

“There’s nothing wrong with him thinking ‘no, I’m done with the amateurs, I’m ready to turn pro’ because he has that option. He’s not obliged to stay amateur, so he’s made that decision. But there’s no rush, take your time, get a good team around you because, once you sign that pro contract, there’s no going back.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years