Jono Carroll wants the winner of potential Frampton-Herring showdown

With the news breaking of Jamel Herring joining MTK Global, all of the talk has been about a potential showdown with Carl Frampton. This has gotten some serious attention on social media and one fighter who seems intrigued by the prospect is Jono Carroll.

Carroll took to Twitter to declare his intentions of fighting the winner should this fight go ahead. With MTK announcing the agreement on Twitter of Herring joining the stable, Carroll responded with “All I’m saying is I want the winner.”

This got a lot of attention as it could set up for a huge Irish showdown between Frampton and Carroll which fans would be more than happy to see. One person who didn’t seem to keen on the idea was one of Carroll’s previous opponents Johnny Quigley.

Quigley and Carroll fought back in 2017 with Carroll emerging victorious on points, but Quigley made it known that he felt he deserved to win that fight. “To be fair I thought I won our fight and so did a lot of other people including your coach at the time, the commentators and a lot of other people, didn’t go my way that night,” said Quigley.

Carroll didn’t take long to respond to these claims saying “Take your loss like a man just like I have and move on, living in the past will never give you a good future.” The pair traded more comments like this back and forth about their previous meeting.

Fans also responded to Carroll’s calls for a potential showdown by bringing up his previous fight in which Carroll lost after a very poor and uncharacteristic performance against Maxi Hughes. One fan brought up the prospect of a rematch with Quigley as a good next fight for Carroll which is what started the heated exchange between the pair.

Nothing is concrete yet however as this is all just speculation but it should be an interesting few months ahead to see what fights are made.